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Musings of a stylist: The Mayflower Inn

Image by Carla Ten Eyck, styling Beth Chapman, The White Dress by the shore

Up on our website today, we are introducing our latest inspiration page featuring a winter shoot at The Mayflower Inn.  For more inspiration and gorgeous images from this scrumptious shoot, visit our Pinterest page!

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Pretty Post: Alana & Andre

As this is our last Pretty Post of the year, we thought we would give you a double-dose of prettiness!  We had the pleasure of dressing Alana for not one, but two weddings!  Alana and her husband Andre first had a romantic destination wedding in Belize and later hosted an elegant, winter wedding at Saltwater Farm Vineyard in Stonington. Photographer Richard Esposito captured them both perfectly!  Each wedding was so beautiful, they each earned their own Pretty Post!

Gown and fur bolero- Modern Trousseau

Gown- Jenny Yoo, Maids- Priscilla of Boston

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January 5th-8th: Modern Trousseau Trunk Show


We are planning a very special day on Sunday, January 8th for mothers of the occassion !  Save the date for a day of pampering!

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Being Thankful…

We at The White Dress by the shore feel that we have so much to be thankful for.  Our families, our dear friends, a wonderful job with fun co-workers and most of all, we are thankful for our gracious brides that bring us inspiration every day!

One of these very brides is Caitlin.  About a year and a half ago, we were asked by Jessica’s Country Flowers to participate in a deserving bride contest that would award a bride and groom that had extenuating circumstances, the wedding of their dreams.  We of course jumped at the chance and joined an elite group of vendors to create Caitin’s dream wedding. 

We absolutely adored meeting Caitlin and her Mom and cried right along with them when she selected her elegant Modern Trousseau gown.

We knew that Caitlin and her husband Mike were more than deserving of this incredible gift, but it was not until we recently read a blog post by A Practical did we realize just how much this day meant to them.  Their story is the epitome of love.  It allows us to not only appreciate our loved ones, but it exemplifies what a wedding should be about- LOVE and FAMILY.  As eloquently stated by A Practical Wedding,  we are ” beyond honored to bring you Caitlin’s story of loss, joy and grace, all mixed into one.”


” Mike and I were married on August 21, 2010 in Cooperstown, NY. Mike left his job and went back to school full time for his degree in teaching just a few months into our engagement, and so we knew planning a wedding would be difficult on one income.  But a few months into planning we entered a “deserving couple” contest and, much to our astonishment, won an amazing windfall that included photography, flowers, a dress and a cake—things that were never in our budget to begin with, but were wonderful gifts just the same.  Because of this, much of our planning was made easier, and over time I thought that maybe my wedding graduate post would be about creating a wedding/life budget on one income (and a non-profit one at that), or trying to plan a wedding with friends who were all going through far bigger things than our wedding (divorce and babies on either end of the spectrum).  But, as it turns out, what I have to say is something that has been echoed in this community many times before.

 Throughout the planning process I read from other brides here about losing parents, facing death during the engagement, moving forward with happiness when life was hard; and I empathized, shed tears, but still felt their words didn’t wholly apply to me.  I had both parents, plus a stepmom, and though we had lost Mike’s dad to leukemia three years earlier, the pain of his absence had eased somewhat, and we were comforted in knowing that he had considered me part of the family before he passed.  Then, in July, Mike’s mom told us she had cancer.  And it was advanced.  Everything changed.


 I remember that first night clearly, hours after she told us, trying to fall asleep in Mike’s sister’s room and whispering to each other an imaginary timeline for when we would be ready to let her go.  It seems ridiculous now, but it made those first hours and days easier, gave us some control, to feel that we could deal with this if we could just have another year, even six more months.  But just three weeks later the call came that she was in the hospital, and that we should get there as soon as we could.  And only an hour after we arrived, we said goodbye, and she left us. It was the Saturday before our wedding.
Words are tricky things to find as I write this.  Bernadette was Mike’s mom, but also one of his closest friends.  She was not just my mother in law, but the woman I considered a parent for more than 8 years, whose house I lived in over countless weekends when Mike and I were long distance and he lived at home, for more Friday night cups of tea around the kitchen table than I can count.  She was an everyday part of our world, and now we were supposed to have a wedding when her death still felt absolutely fictional. 

 I worried about Mike and his sisters; I didn’t know how we were going to get through the next few days, much less a party in a week. I thought we should cancel, but as soon as I uttered the words a wave of no’s from both sides of the family drowned out my hesitations.  We would have a wedding, but first we would say goodbye.

 And so I sent an e-mail to our vendors telling them that we were signing off for the week, that we trusted them to handle any last minute questions that came up, and thanked them for everything they had done for us.  And that is one of the best pieces of advice I can share.  You hire people to help you pull this day off, tragedy or no, trust that they know what they are doing and have your best interests at heart.  We signed off for that last week (to be honest, we checked out as soon as we learned of the diagnosis), and when we finally came to, we were greeted by a beautifully prepared wedding.

 Bernadette’s funeral was on a Wednesday, and on Thursday, after a frantic trip down to our apartment in New York City and back, we left for Cooperstown.  On Friday our families began to gather in town, and Mike and I tried to allow ourselves to feel excited.  It was a hard transition, but knowing that everyone in our lives was thinking of our family was such a tangible thing—we had never felt so loved.


Saturday began as a relaxing day, but as the hours went by I grew anxious thinking of how Mike and his sisters (who were two of my bridesmaids) were feeling, and I struggled to hold myself together.  I thought I would be calm and collected—I had been laid back about the wedding for our entire engagement—so it surprised me that before the ceremony a new, nervous person took over.  By the time the dress was pulled on, my hands were shaking so much that I didn’t think I could get my earrings in.  This feeling was so unexpected, and I felt ashamed that I wasn’t the breezy bride I thought I’d be—the one who rolls with the punches, is calm under pressure.  But I did get the earrings in, and the photos of me getting ready only show me smiling as I see myself in my dress for the first time.  And I thought:  “this is alright, this is just how I am feeling before I get married, this is just how I am going to do it.”  And I reminded myself that most people would be nervous before getting on the stage that is a wedding ceremony, with or without the week we had experienced.  So I had some champagne, took some deep breaths, and thought of Mike waiting for me outside our Inn.

 And so we had a wedding. And that’s what mattered. That in the midst of the saddest week of our lives, we were joining our families and friends to say: this is hard, but there is still joy.  The day after Bernadette passed, we lost my grandfather as well.  The dual losses brought our families together in a way we never could have expected.
I have glimpses now of Mike twirling his two sisters around the dance floor as I danced with my Dad, of his uncle high-fiving the band singer after a great number, of my mom’s sisters talking with my Dad’s sisters who they hadn’t seen in decades, of my brother singing us our first dance song and then a surprise rendition of Stand By Me later in the night, of my cousins and our work friends hanging out at the bar like everyone was an old friend.  The images we have from those hours are enough to help heal the sorrow that is our life without Bernadette.  And we’ve learned that a wedding is not just “your day,” it is a day to celebrate the lives you were born into, the ones you’ve made, the ones you continue to build.  I am so thankful we were there.”

 We thank Caitlin for sharing her touching story with us.  We thought today, Thanksgiving, would be the perfect day to share it with all of you!  As parting words, we also wanted to share Caitlin’s very kind and generous sentiments to us,

“I still count that afternoon in your store as one of my happiest memories. Before Jessica’s Country Flowers’ deserving couple contest, I was researching used or bargain dresses and had been fine with that option. I know that it would have been wonderful just the same, but the experience you gifted me, and then my experience with Callie (of Modern Trousseau) as well, I’ll never be able to thank you enough for it.

I wanted to share the blog post with you because having that afternoon in the shop with my mom and then slipping that dress on after the terribly sad week we had, were such amazingly happy moments. I had been worried in the days before that I would not feel like a bride after everything that happened, but the moment Justin and Mary led me to the room where my dress was, it all felt real, and after putting it on I knew that I was allowed to have a wedding that day. It’s amazing that a dress could help in that feeling, but it did, and you gave that to me.
I happily still follow along on White Dress by the Shore’s posts on facebook  and so I still feel so connected to the people who helped us have such a beautiful wedding.”

Love,  Caitlin

All Images by Justin and Mary Marantz

xoxo, TWD

What we’re loving: Twilight inspired comb

 For all of our bridal “Twi- Fans” we are thrilled to introduce the “Bella comb”.  This stunning clear Swarovski crystal ‘back piece’ also doubles as a brooch and retails for $140.00. 

If you can’t get enough of Twilight and Bella’s look, be sure to come and check it out!

 Bell’a comb in “Twighlight:  Breaking Dawn”

 The White Dress by the shore’s version!

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MBH Winners Revealed!

 Congratulations to 3 lucky brides-to-be that attended the Open House at The Madison Beach Hotel this weekend and entered our drawing for fabulous prizes.  And the winners are………

1.  Diane Mauro- A White Dress by the shore Diamond Card- offering 10% off any single full-price item

2. Katelin Fitzpatrick- Haute Bride Hollywood Glam Earring – value $200

3.  Katie Angelo- Light Blue Hanky Panky’s courtesy of Beneath the Gown

Congrats ladies!  We look forward to seeing you again soon!

xoxo, TWD

After the Vows: Thanksgiving Entertaining

 This is the first post in our after the vows series. We have created this feature  in an effort to stay in touch with our brides after their weddings.  We hope to provide anniversary ideas and holiday decor inspiration…among other things!

With Thanksgiving just days away, we wanted to share a post by Candice Coppola of Jubilee Events featuring a shoot that was done at Tyrone Farm, featuring the incredible talents of many of the industry’s finest!  Whether you are celebrating your first holiday as a married couple or enjoying time-honored traditions, we hope that this post brings you inspiration for your holiday decor!  

 { all photography by carla ten eyck, musings by candice copolla }

No. 1; Tablescape by Jubilee Events / Just For You Floral Design with handwashed burlap linens, farm chairs decorated with green moss and hanging mirrors.

No. 2; Fresh artichokes decorate a vintage silver serving bowl (my grandmothers, to be exact!). Consider purchasing or borrowing vintage pieces and using them as decor in your Thanksgiving tablescape like the artichokes pictured.

No. 3; Thanksgiving inspired fashion styled by Beth Chapman of The White Dress by the shore. A cute knee length cream colored dress paired with a vintage fur stole completes this look. I love the nude and fresh makeup by Catie Bane of Dana Bartone & Companyand the feathered headband our model Kelley is wearing!

No. 4; Our tablescape up close with white Pottery Barn dinner plates and alternating rusty brown salad plates with a bird motif fromPier 1. We used antiqued looking mercury glass egg cups from anthropologie to hold some of our mini pears at each place setting. Our tablescape was a mixture of old silver containers, limoncello cups, and ivory taper candles in short candle holders from ikea and tall clear bubble candle holders from CB2. We pre-poured water glasses with lemon wheels to give it a pop of added color (and flavor!). When decorating your holiday table this year remember to play with sizes, shapes and heights in our centerpiece. It will add dimension to your design!

No. 5; A close up shot of our individual place settings with tiered dinner, salad and dessert plates. I purchases some vintage floral napkins from a local antique store and folded them length-wise. A mini pear holds into place our placecard, which is done on a piece of wood veneer by Pretty Mail Calligraphy.

No. 6; Inexpensive mini-jars are wired to curly willow branches with candles and ivory spray roses tucked in. This would be a gorgeous arrangement for your front foyer or on an accent table and fairly inexpensive to create! Curly willow lasts forever and spray roses can easily be found at your local flower shop.

No. 7; One of our beautiful centerpiece arrangements by Just For You Floral Design using ivory roses and local greenery. Most of the flowers we used were in an ivory / yellow / green shade. I love the neutral palette!

No. 8; I always LOVE to play with chair backs, and this time we added long strips of green moss down the backs of this old farmhouse chairs. In the center, we tied (at varying heights) inexpensive mirrors I purchased at the dollar store. Jane fastened some hearty greenery to the mirrors using a little bit of floral wire.

No. 9; Warm apple cider in white Pottery Barn mugs accented with a fragrant cinnamon stick. This is why I LOVE fall! This would be great served to guests as they first arrive on a silver platter (as pictured).

No. 10; S’mores cake pops by the talented Lovely Lollies from Danbury, Connecticut. We love pastry chef Corine Dell’Orso’s play on the cake pop with these s’mores pops. They as much fun to display as they are to eat, shown here in an inexpensive urn draped with moss to cover the floral foam we used inside to keep these beauts upright.

Happy Thanksgiving!

xoxo, TWD



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