I have had the pleasure of styling several shoots in the beautiful country of Costa Rica. It is one of my favorite places to shoot. There is nothing quite like the laid back culture, lush jungles and kind people.

The incredible location for this shoot was introduced to our team by the fabulous folks at Stay in Costa Rica, the travel firm that we were shooting with.  They led us to a hidden gem called Villa Lapas. It is a boutique hotel and venue surrounded by lush jungles and it boasts the most precious little chapel you have ever seen nestled within it. Our shoots generally include a tablescape that embodies the inspiration. Candice Coppola of Juliee Events and Tony Palmieri of Datura: a modern garden took this table scape to a new level! They constructed the table in the river that ran through the rain forest! Yes, IN the river!! The end result—albeit a lot of work building a table in a ever rising river—was breathtaking!

The fashion that I selected was soft and romantic. My favorite element was the long organza coat. The sunset portion of our shoot took place in a private residence on a cliff overlooking the jungles and ocean. The scene was so beautiful, that it literally brought me to tears. The coat blowing in the tropical wind with the warm tones of the sunset behind it were overwhelmingly beautiful. Be sure to watch the video below to get the full effect!

 PHOTOGRAPHY: Carla Ten Eyck

STYLING: Beth Chapman | The White Dress by the Shore
SHOOT DESIGN & STYLING: Candice Coppola | Jubilee Events
FLORAL DESIGN: Tony Palmieri | Datura: a modern garden
BEAUTY: d.d. Nickel
PUBLIC RELATIONS: MMA Marketing | Stay in Costa Rica
LOCATION: Villa Lapas, Costa Rica
GOWNS: Vineyard Collection & Amy Kuschel
COAT: Manuel Mota
ACCESSORIES: Maria Elena & Kristina Eaton