Working in Costa Rica was a dream come true! An incredibly talented group of Connecticut-based vendors teamed up with MMH Public Relations and Stay in Costa Rica (a luxury tourism company based there) to put together several inspirational wedding shoots.

This shoot took place at Playa Hermosa, a black sand beach along the Pacific coast, in Herradura, Costa Rica. We were thrilled to meet Michelle and Alejandro, a stunning, local couple that agreed to be our bride and groom for the day!

Costa Rica is known for some of the best surfing in the world and we really wanted our visuals to highlight the natural, laid-back essence of the area. The feel of the shoot was casual, relaxed, and playful. The elements that Candice Coppola of Jubilee Events and Tony Palmeri of Datura: a modern garden pulled together for the tablescape came from inspiration they found on location. Their instinct to use the landscape intuitively influenced the design.

The lush jungles, stunning beaches and rich culture inspired me to keep the attire very natural. The accessories that we used were made from wood and shell. We brought in a small touch of sparkle, because every bride needs it! The bridal gown was by designer Augusta Jones. I selected it because it had a very organic feel to it. The silk chiffon fabric was perfect for the beach setting and the touch of metallic embroidery at the neckline had an ethnic feel that made it perfect for Costa Rica. The bride’s jewelry and the headband selected for the shoot were by Maria Elena, and both contained mother-of-pearl accents. The bridesmaid was outfitted in a satin yoryu dress by Vineyard Collection. I loved the vibrant color of the dress, but also the amazing flow of the fabric.

True to our track record of rainy shoots, the skies opened up towards the end of our day and completely soaked the crew and the acting bride and groom. But we took it all in stride, being in a rainforest after all! As they say in Costa Rica…Pura Vida!


PHOTOGRAPHY: Carla Ten Eyck and amazing crew

(Erik Maziarz, Greg Lewis, Rebecca Hales and Sara Code-Kroll)!
FASHION STYLING: The White Dress by the shore
FLORAL DESIGN: Datura, a modern garden
BRIDAL GOWN: Augusta Jones
BRIDESMAID DRESS: Vineyard Collection
VIDEO: Buzz Media Productions
BEAUTY: dd Nickel
ACCOMODATIONS: Stay in Costa Rica