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How to Avoid Fashion Emergencies on your Wedding Day!

One of the best ways to avoid fashion emergencies on your wedding day is to hire a Bridal Dresser.  A Bridal Dresser is essentially an insurance policy against fashion related crises! She will come equipped with her own ’emergency kit’. If you cannot hire a Bridal Dresser, stylist and TWD owner, Beth Chapman has put together a list of fashion, health & beauty, and emergency essentials for your big day.

DIY bridal emergency kit

Beth recently appeared  WWLP’s Mass Appeal chatting about the benefits of a bridal dresser! View the segment here.

xoxo, TWD

Feature Friday: The White Dress by the shore celebrates their 12 year anniversary!

I am so thrilled to celebrate The White Dress by the shore’s 12 year anniversary!  The industry has changed quite a bit in the past 12 years, but one thing that stays consistent is the classic aesthetic of our brides and our passion for helping them look beautiful on their wedding day!

I am so grateful to work side by side with the beautiful women featured in this post every day.  They are the heart and soul of The White Dress by the shore!  They are talented, smart, bright women who have a passion for the bridal industry and for making our clients happy. I am thrilled to introduce our newest member, my 15 year old daughter Lindsay.  She was 3 years old when The White Dress opened it’s doors.  She was in her princess phase and loved being in the store and dreamed of working in it some day.  It is hard to believe that the day has arrived!  You will see her in the store on Saturdays assisting the stylists and greeting clients.  I am so proud to watch her blossom into a beautiful young woman!

A big thank you to Amy Trahant of Take Aim Photography for the following (amazing) images!

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For our new clients, here is a little tidbit about the current loves of each of our associates:

Beth Chapman, The White Dress Owner & Stylist – our fur baby Pickles, anything with a stripe, bow or ruffle (and chocolate)!

Shana Harris, Store Manager & Stylist – my dogs, wine & cheese, online shopping, soy lattes, horses, cashmere sweatpants

Alexandra Bruno, Marketing Coordinator & Stylist – travel, interior design, almond butter, dainty gold jewelry, organizing

Lauren Melkus, Office Coordinator & Stylist – coffee, Rebecca Minkoff handbags, my pup Lily, and anything burgundy

Molly Nassimos, Stylist – coffee, peanut butter, J.crew and all things Kate Spade

Allison Gintoff, Stylist (not pictured) – fleece-lined leggings & cheese balls (Allison is expecting her first baby this Spring!)

Callan Pollitt, Stylist – my puppies, all you can eat sushi, white wine, vanilla cake, tulle skirts and over-accessorizing

Lindsay Chapman, Stylist Assistant– Dunkin Donuts, nail polish, online shopping, my puppy Pickles, anything plaid


A great big smooch to my family for their support in growing this business and pursuing this dream for the past 12 years and to our vendors who are wonderful partners to our business! And of course, to our brides.  Many of you have become like family to us over the years.  We have loved styling you, laughing with you and crying with you (happy tears, of course).  Without you there would be no TWD and we are eternally grateful for your business and your support!


xoxo beth

2016 Wedding Wire Couples’ Choice Award!

We are thrilled to once more be honored the Wedding Wire Couples’ Choice Award, awarded to the top 5% of wedding professionals!

A big THANK YOU to all of the brides who voted!


xoxo, TWD

Frequently Asked Questions: Mother of the Occasion

As a mother, choosing your own ensemble for the wedding can be intimidating. You might find yourself dropping to the very end of your “to do” list.  Luckily, The White Dress by the shore only needs an hour and a half to make you look and feel as beautiful as you deserve.

To make the process simple for you, here is what we reccomend~

You’ll set your appointment, so that we may give you our undivided attention in the comfort of our private mother of the occasion studio.

You’ll meet one of our highly trained stylists, who will be your personal expert in fit and construction.

You’ll explore multiple collections, hand-picked by owner Beth Chapman, at varying price points, so we can accommodate your taste and your budget.

And then, with your figure flattered in a celebration of your personal style…you’ll dazzle.

All of our dresses are made to order, so we’ll need a minimum of five months for proper delivery and alterations.

images by Abbey Scott

Below are some frequently asked questions and responses from one of our mother of the occasion specialists. We hope that this information will help you to navigate through the process.

Do I need to schedule an appointment?  Yes!  The White Dress by the shore is a by appointment only boutique, so that we may provide you with exceptional, personalized service.  Each appointment is 1.5 hours in length, where you will work one on one with a stylist.

What if I just wanted to come in and browse?  As our goal is to provide you with the exceptional, personalized service you deserve, we strongly encourage an appointment.  Although browsing may seem more relaxing to you, it does not allow us to give you our undivided attention…and we wholeheartedly believe you deserve that.  The majority of our collection is customizable.  Simply viewing the collection without an associate will not allow you the opportunity to discover the myriad of style and color options available. 

Are there dresses that will coincide with my budget? It is helpful to come to your appointment with a budget in mind.  This will help your dedicated stylist to guide you to the dresses that are applicable.  Although mother of the occasion dresses range in price (dictated by a number of variables), we certainly have a diverse selection, accommodating various budgets.  Our mother of the occasion collection ranges in price from $500 – $1500.

Do I have to wear the same length dress as the bridesmaids?  The quick answer is that length is dictated by “personal preference.”  However, sometimes other variables come into play, which can be discussed during your appointment.  These may include, but are not necessarily limited to, bride’s preference, venue, setting/location, tone/feel of the day, what the bridesmaids and/or other mom is wearing.

Do you have anything that won’t make me look like a “typical” mom?  We certainly have a variety of silhouettes and designs to choose from.  Some moms choose a “mother of the occasion” dress from our selection, while others choose a less formal dress from our “bridesmaid” collection.  In our consultation we will determine what option is best for you based on your budget and style needs.

What can I do if I don’t want my arms to show?  Some moms have a concern about their arms, although you all look terrific!  Our collection offers many options.  We can customize many of our dresses to add a sleeve or we can compliment your ensemble with a coordinating jacket,  bolero or stole.   

I do not want strapless.  Are there other options?  Absolutely!  Generally speaking, any dress is customizable, whether through the designer or in alterations.  We can provide you with a “visual” during your appointment, allowing you to see your options.

images by Abbey Scott

Are the colors on the rack the only available options?  The sky is the limit, or close.  Color options vary by designer and fabric, whereby the selection is quite extensive.

Are the dresses available in other fabrics?  Fabrics, like colors, vary by designer’s choice. Once the silhouette is chosen, we can advise what other fabric option may be available.

Can you accommodate large sizes?  Of course!  Although size charts and special sizing vary by designer, we do our best to make the dress happen for you.

What is required to order a mother of the occasion ensemble (gown/outfit)?  Once we have determined your selection, three things need to happen to place your order with the designer- 1. we take your measurements, in order to determine the appropriate size according to the specific designer’s size chart; 2. you sign a policy form, which not only confirms your size but provides additional information regarding your order; 3. payment, which is required in full.

How much do alterations cost, and/or are they included in the price of the dress? Unfortunately we no longer offer alterations for mothers, however, we have a great network of outside seamstresses that we may refer you to.

How far in advance do I have to order?  Although the lead time for a mother of the occasion dress is not necessarily as long as a bridal gown, you still need to plan ahead!  Your dress should be ordered 5-6 months prior to the wedding in order to accommodate any alterations.  With that said, dresses can be ordered with a lesser lead time, however, please be prepared to pay a rush fee (this varies by designer).

I don’t have enough time to order a dress, what are my options? Not to worry! We have an incredible selection of sample gowns that we sell off the rack- meaning gowns that were once our floor models are now being sold ‘as is’ at a great, discounted price! Click here to link to our selection- keep in mind, we usually only sample our Mother of the Occasion styles in one size and color so this option can be more limiting. The size of these gowns usually ranges between 8 and 18. Additional alterations and repairs may be required when purchasing a sample. 

Image by Abbey Scott

 Ring us at 860.669.4596 today to work with your personal stylist to find your mother of the occasion ensemble. 

xoxo, TWD 

Beth Chapman’s Bridal Gown Shopping Tips

Did you know that we recommend purchasing your bridal gown 9-12 months in advance of your wedding? 2016 brides, it’s time to get shopping! And now through this Saturday, we are offering 12% off of all bridal gowns $2500+ during our Anniversary Event

To make your life a little easier, TWD owner, Beth Chapman, has put together a list of bridal gown shopping tips to assist you:


Selecting a wedding gown is often one of the first steps that a bride takes as she embarks on the journey of her engagement. Finding the perfect gown is an exciting, but often daunting task. Following are tips that will help to make the experience memorable, enjoyable and lead to the gown of your dreams.


Before beginning to shop for your gown, you should have your wedding date and venue secured. Your decision will be much easier to make if you can envision yourself wearing your gown in the setting of your wedding.


In creating your wedding budget, be sure to include a realistic budget for your wedding attire. Your budget should include an allocation for not only the gown, but accessories (bra, veil, jewelry and shoes), alterations and gown cleaning and preservation after the wedding.

It is very important to articulate your budget to the sales associate when shopping for your gown. You do not want to fall in love with something that does not fit your budget.


Prior to beginning to shop, research salons that carry designers that meet your taste level and budget.

Evaluate the stores in which you like to shop for your everyday clothes and be sure that you select the correct shopping environment for you. If you are a department store shopper, a larger bridal salon with a large selection of gowns may be the right fit for you. If you prefer to shop in small boutiques, then a smaller, more intimate bridal store would most likely be best for you.

Visit the salon’s website before calling to set an appointment to ensure that the selection and price range meets your needs. It is also helpful to read the bridal blogs to find out what other brides-to-be have to say about the stores that you plan to visit.


Call to schedule an appointment a minimum of one week in advance. By scheduling an appointment, it allows the salon to provide you with their undivided attention and have a sales associate dedicated specifically to you.

Keep in mind that it takes approximately 4-6 months to produce a wedding gown. You should begin shopping for your gown a minimum of 9 months in advance of the wedding to allow enough time for alterations once the gown arrives.


This is a momentous and joyous time in your life, so naturally you want to share it with your family and friends. Be careful, however, of bringing a large group with you to shop for your gown. Too many opinions can be detrimental to making a decision.

If you have bridesmaids or family members who insist on being part of the process, a suggestion might be to shop with 1-2 very close family members or friends who understand and respect your personal style. Once you have finalized your decision, then you can bring back other people to show them the gown that you have decided on.

The key is to remember to take opinions into consideration, but ultimately you know yourself best. Your opinion is truly the only one that matters. It is your day and you are the one wearing the gown.


Bring photographs of styles that interest you and articulate your vision and budget to the sales associate with whom you are working.

Don’t be afraid to speak up if you don’t like something. Who knows – perhaps there is something that can be done to the gown to make it perfect for you!

Before making the final decision on your gown, be sure that you understand the policies of the salon at which you are purchasing it. Ask about their policies for gown deposit and alterations.


Don’t use your wedding day as the day to make a fashion statement! Your gown should flatter your best physical assets, reflect the formality and overall aesthetic of your venue, and most importantly, reflect your own personal style.  You want to still look like yourself on your wedding day…just an enhanced version!


Trust the sales associate with whom you are working. If they are good at what they do, they will listen to your vision and make suggestions of gowns for you to try on. Even if you do not like the way that a gown looks on the hanger, TRY IT ON!! It could be the gown of your dreams!


Bridal sizing is different from ready-to-wear sizing. In some cases, a bridal gown is 2 sizes larger than what you would wear in your every day clothes. Once you have selected your gown, the bridal salon will take your measurements. Those measurements will be compared to the designer’s size chart and the appropriate size will be selected for you. Keep in mind that a gown can be altered up to two sizes. Even if you are planning on losing weight, it’s best to go with the size that you are measuring at the time of purchase and alter the gown once it arrives. Never order a size based on the size that you plan to be!


Undergarments are called foundations for a reason! The proper undergarments truly make all of the difference in the fit of the gown. After your gown is purchased, take time to select the perfect undergarments. It is best to shop in a location that specializes in foundations so that you are sized correctly.

While selecting your undergarments it is important to take into consideration several factors:

Select a bra or bustier that has a lower back than that of the gown so that the bra cannot be seen.

Ensure that if your bra has lace, texture or boning, they are not visible through the gown.

If your gown is a column silhouette or made of a light weight fabric, ensure that your undergarments provide you with enough support and that there are no noticeable seams or panty lines.


Alterations are truly a process. It will take time to sculpt the gown to fit your body perfectly. When purchasing your gown, you should factor in a minimum of 2 months for alterations.

There a generally a minimum of 3 alterations involved in perfecting the fit of the gown. When purchasing your gown, you should inquire about the salon’s policies on alterations and their fee structure.

It is imperative that you have your shoes and undergarments selected when the alterations process begins. It is impossible to ensure a proper fit without those elements.

If you are planning on losing weight, you should not begin the alterations process until your weight is stable.


Selecting the perfect accessories to complement your gown is almost as important as selecting the gown itself. The accessories can make or break your wedding day look! You should take time in this process and schedule a separate appointment to choose your accessories.

When selecting you wedding day garnish, ask yourself if you want the accessories themselves to be the statement or if you want them to simply complement the gown. Either way, ensure that they reflect your personal style and the overall aesthetic of the wedding.


Although your gown is something you will wear only once, it is a precious garment that holds many memories, and it is should be properly cleaned and protected after the wedding. Research companies that specialize in gown cleaning and preservation – don’t simply rely on your local dry cleaner. Be sure to use a company that provides an anti-sugar treatment while cleaning and uses acid free materials in their preservation box. These processes will allow for maximum longevity of the fabric and ensure that it will not discolor or deteriorate over time.


The most important tip is to HAVE FUN!! How often in life will you be able to try on beautiful gowns and be treated like a princess? Enjoy every minute of it!

The key is to make sure that you are working with a bridal salon that maximizes your bridal shopping experience and allows you to feel comfortable in your buying decision.


Owner, Beth Chapman’s shopping tips have been published in Simple Stunning Bride by Karen Bussen and Wedding Bible by Sarah Haywood.

xoxo, Beth

10% off LulaKate through 1/31!


Calling all 2016 brides! Now through January 31st, LulaKate is offering 10% off ALL of their dresses! Still havent seen the new collection? Come visit us! 860.669.4596

Photo: Kat Harris

Styling: Beth Chapman

Beauty: Jennie Kay

Florals: Hana Floral

Dresses: LulaKate

Venue: The Ocean House

xoxo, TWD

No Appointments January 12th & 13th

Inventory-Jan 12-13-2016

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