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The Look for Less!

On a budget and want to get the perfect bridal look for less? Shop our sample sale! We are currently offering an additional 15% off our already reduced samples.

Pictured is our Private Label Whisper gown (originally $2400, now reduced to $1400), accompanied by Modern Trousseau’s Emma veil ($775, now $298), and a custom Haute Bride earring (originally $300, now $150). The total look below is valued at $3500 ($2400 for just the dress!) and it could all be yours for $1850!





Ring us at 860.669.4596 to schedule a time to come in and shop and save!

xoxo, TWD

June 1 – 6: Pop Up {Blow Out} Sample Sale



Exclusively for our loyal followers, we are hosting a Pop up {Blow Out} Sample Sale through June 6th.  We have added additional styles to our sale collection and are taking an unprecedented additional 15% off the lowest price of the gown.  Don’t miss your chance to receive a 50-80% discount off a couture bridal gown from such designers as Modern Trousseau, Amsale, Anne Barge, Amy KuschelJenny Yoo, Augusta Jones and David Fielden.  And did we mention that we have cocktail and mother of the occasion dresses and gorgeous accessories on sale too, all at amazing prices?!

This exclusive sale is by appointment on Saturday, May 30th from 10-4.  Ring us at 860.669.4596 to reserve a coveted spot and your chance to get the deal of a lifetime!


xoxo, TWD


Sample Sale Shopping Tips

Don’t miss our upcoming sample sale August 11-15th!  Before you join us, here are a few tips to consider:

1. Experienced Shoppers Only

Sample sales are not recommended for brides who have not shopped for gowns before. The point of a sample sale is to find the gown of your dreams at a bargain price! If you have never tried on gowns before, it is not possible to know what silhouette will flatter your figure. Sample sales are often overwhelming, and your first bridal shopping experience should be relaxed and shared with those closest to you. We highly recommend a regular appointment for first time shoppers.

2.  Sample Sizes Are Not Universal

Generally, sample sizes are 8’s and 10’s and are made for a B cup. If you are under 5’5″ or over 5’11” and are larger than a C cup, it is not recommended that you shop at a sample sale. We are able to customize our full price gowns for our brides to accommodate all shapes and sizes. If you are petite, well-endowed or have some other specific size requirement, it is recommended that you schedule an appointment during our regular business hours.

We do have a limited selection of gowns over a size 10 available at the sale. Check out our sample sale page for availability!

3.  Bring Your Decision Makers

Sample sales are for serious shoppers and brides who are ready to buy! During a sample sale, you will need to make a decision very quickly. It is recommended that you bring 1-2 individuals whose opinions matter to you the most and who can aid you in selecting your perfect gown.

4.  Do Your Research

An educated bride is our favorite bride! Before coming to the sale, be sure that you have tried on gowns and know the specific silhouettes and details that flatter you. Check out our sample sale page and have a list of the gowns that you would like to try on. Please note that not all sale gowns are listed on the site. Research our designers and know which ones you will target first.

Please remember that a sample sale environment is quite different than a regular shopping experience with us.  Be ready to share dressing rooms, make fast decisions and to have fun! And make sure you bring a strapless bra and heels with you to the sale!

Get ready for a bargain, ladies!

xoxo, TWD

Modern Trousseau Mother of the Bride Sample Sale

Our beloved Connecticut-based designer Modern Trousseau has recently begun phasing out of their evening wear collection to solely focus on their gorgeous bridal designs! Although we love working with this designer for Moms & Brides, we can now offer our Mother of the Occasion sample gowns to you at an excellent discount!

Take a look at the gowns below and ring us to see these on-sale-stunners in person! 860.669.4596

To view the rest of our Mother of the Occasion and Soiree Sample Collection, click here.

IMG_6550 IMG_6549 IMG_0774
Modern Trousseau ‘Georgie’ Modern Trousseau ‘J11′ Lace Bolero Modern Trousseau ‘Keira’
Size: 12 Size: 12 Size: 12
Color: Eggplant Color: Eggplant Color: Plum
Original Price: $1850 Original Price: $575 Original Price: $2650
Sample Price: $1000 Sample Price: $150 Sample Price: $700
REDUCED: $500 or included with dress REDUCED: $500


IMG_6565 IMG_6557 IMG_6558
Modern Trousseau ‘Harper’ Modern Trousseau ‘B01L & SK06′ Modern Trousseau ‘J07, B14, SK16′
Size: 18 Size: 14 Size: 14
Original Price: $2000 Color: Navy/Lavender – Navy Color: Navy
Sample Price: $1200 Original Price: $795/$575 Original Price: $695, $185, $465
REDUCED: $500 Sample Price: $475/$345 Sample Price: $415, $110, $280


IMG_6566 IMG_6568 IMG_6569
Modern Trousseau ‘Harper’ Modern Trousseau ‘Carlton’ Modern Trousseau J08-G, B19G, SK15-G
Size: 12 Size: 16 Size: 12
Color: Silver Color: Gray Color: Apple Green/Black
Original Price: $2100 Original Price: $1975 Original Price: $475, $675, $585
Sample Price: $1260 Sample Price: $1185 Sample Price: $285, $435, $350


IMG_6572 IMG_6573 IMG_6574
Modern Trousseau ‘J04, B27, S15′ Modern Trousseau ‘Lady Faye’ Modern Trousseau ‘Lady Kensley’
Size: 14 Size: 12 Size: 12
Color: Mink Color: Black Color: Black/Mink
Original Price: $450, $474, $575 Original Price: $3100 Original Price: $2900
Sample Price: $270, $285, $345 Sample Price: $1400 Sample Price: $1200


IMG_6579 IMG_6581 IMG_6546
Modern Trousseau ‘Reece’ Modern Trousseau ‘Coco’ Shrug Modern Trousseau Scarves
Size: 12 Size: 12 Size: N/A
Color: Black Color: Black/Mink Color: Navy, Nude, Mink, Black
Original Price: $2275 Original Price: $185 Original Price: $105-$265
Sample Price: $1365 Sample Price: $50 Sample Price: $25-50
REDUCED: $500 *included with dress purchase


IMG_6561 IMG_6560 IMG_6570
Modern Trousseau ‘Petra’ Modern Trousseau ‘Tobi’ Modern Trousseau ‘Coco’
Size: 12 Size: 14 Size: 12
Color: Navy Color: Colbalt Color: Mink/Black
Original Price: $2350 Original Price: $2700 Original Price: $1800
Sample Price: $1410 Sample Price: $1880 Sample Price: $1080
REDUCED: $500 *shawl is available REDUCED: $500 REDUCED: $500 *includes shrug


IMG_6578 IMG_0764
Modern Trousseau ‘Athena’ Modern Trousseau ‘Petra’
Size: 12 Size: 14
Color: Colbolt Color: Navy
Original Price: $1575  Original Price: $2350
Sample Price: $500  Sample Price: $1410
REDUCED: $500  REDUCED: $500 *shawl is available

xoxo, TWD

September 16 – 20: Sample Sale

We hope you’re sitting down, because we have some exciting news – to make room for all of the new gowns that are arriving, we are hosting a sample sale!

This isn’t just any sample sale, though. From September 16th to the 20th, you can take an additional 10% off of our already reduced prices on couture bridal gowns, accessories and cocktail dresses! How amazing is that?

Right now, we have couture bridal gowns from Amsale, Amy Kuschel, Anne Barge, Augusta Jones, David Fielden, Hayley Paige, Ivy & Aster, Jenny Yoo, Modern Trousseau and more! They are in excellent condition and are being offered at an unheard of 40-70% off of their original prices. Talk about a deal!

Sample sales are a little different than the usual shopping experience at our boutique, but don’t worry. We have put together a list of Sample Sale Shopping Tips just for you! These guidelines will help you prepare for your appointment and ensure that you have a successful visit!

Remember – this sale is five days only, and you must make an appointment!

In anticipation of the sale, take a peek at what we have to offer here and here. We will also be adding more pieces to the sale prior to this event, so there will be some surprises! New items will be added and priced the night before the event!

We are happy to answer any questions you may have, so ring us at 860.669.4596 or email us at

Get ready for a bargain, ladies. Schedule your appointment to get an amazing deal!

xoxo, TWD

Sample Sale Shopping Tips and Guidelines

We are hosting a {Blow Out} sample sale  Sunday , May 18th from 10-2pm.  Below are some important guidelines for the sale.


Sample Sale Guidelines:

Our sale is first come, first served.   It is important to note that this is a sample sale shopping environment and not our usual experience.  Rooms may have to be shared to accommodate all of our guests.  It’s ok…we’re all girls!  And we all know that girls love a good deal!

~ Only three Sample Gowns can be taken into the fitting room at one time.  No full price gowns can be tried on during the Sample Sale.  As sample gowns are removed from the room, they may be replaced.

~It is recommended that you limit your guests to no more than 2 when shopping a sample sale.

 ~Gown Cleaning services are available for $225.

 ~Gown may be stored at The White Dress By The Shore until alterations begin for a $50 charge.  Otherwise, the bride is required to take her gown with her at the time of purchase.  New breathable gown storage bags are available for purchase for $10 or we can provide you with a recycled breathable bag with our compliments.

~ We do not hold Sample Sale gowns for any reason.

 ~ Sample gowns require payment in FULL.  All sales are FINAL.

~ The White Dress by the shore may be able to provide you with alterations for your sample gown based on your wedding date and our availability. Generally speaking, alterations on sample gowns tends to cost more than our average alteration pricing, which average around $650. Although, if the sample is in great condition and fits you well, you may be quoted less. One of our talented seamstress’ may provide you with a quote before deciding to fit your gown here or elsewhere. We also have referrals to excellent outside seamstresses in the area and across the country.

 Have fun and happy shopping!

 Before attending the sale, be sure to read Beth’s sample sale shopping tips!

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

xoxo, TWD

Style your Sample!

Our {BLOWOUT} Sample Sale is fast approaching (first come, first served on Sunday, January 12th). Not only do we have a slew of great gowns at incredible discounts, but we also have gathered a huge amount of shoes, sashes and accessories for sale! Take a peek below to see how you can style an entire look for a price that falls below the original price of just the dress!




1. Siri ‘Zeta Jones’ Dress, Original Price: $725 , SAMPLE PRICE: $150

2. Pearl Necklace and Earring Set, Original Price: $175 , SAMPLE PRICE: $87.50

3.Badgley Mischka Heels, Original Price: $215 , SAMPLE PRICE: $150.50




1. Modern Trousseau ‘Tara’ Gown, Original Price: $3,100 , SAMPLE PRICE: $1850

2. Blush and Ivory Pearl Necklace, Original Price: $125 , SAMPLE PRICE: $62.50

3. Badgley Mischka Rose Gold Glitzy Heel, Original Price: $245 , SAMPLE PRICE: $171.50

4.Coren Moore Blush Floral Sash, Original Price: $40 , SAMPLE PRICE: $20

5. Blush Mother of Pearl Earring. Original Price: $65 , SAMPLE PRICE: $32.50


styleyoursample-31. Rivini ‘Elizabetta’ Gown,  Original Price: $5,900 , SAMPLE PRICE: $3,000

2. Badgley Mischka Heel, Original Price: $200 , SAMPLE PRICE: $140

3. Augusta Jones Headpiece, Original Price: $200 , SAMPLE PRICE: $100

4. DK Designs Earrings, Original Price: $75 , SAMPLE PRICE: $35

5. Glitzy Bracelet, Original Price: $75 , SAMPLE PRICE: $35

6.Augusta Jones Sparkly Sash, Original Price: $400 , SAMPLE PRICE: $150


For a peek at more of our sample dresses, click here!

To learn more about shopping during a sample sale, click here for owner, Beth Chapman’s shopping tips!

xoxo, TWD

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