Frequently Asked Questions: Modern Trousseau Muslin Process

We are so fortunate to have one of our favorite designers, Modern Trousseau, based in Connecticut. Their gowns are designed and manufactured right in Woodbridge! Having the designer so close gives us the benefit of allowing our clients to work directly with the designer to create a custom gown that will accommodate both their body type and personal style.

One of our brides, Mandy, worked with Modern Trousseau to customize her gown for her Costa Rican wedding. Mandy’s muslin fitting process was captured on film by in WHITE member, Vintage Cinema.

To get the full picture of Mandy’s bridal experience, you can watch a video of her selecting her gown during one of our White Carpet Appointments here. Mandy’s wedding  pictures were also featured in the Fall 2012 issue of  Inside Weddings Magazine!

As part of our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ series, here is a bit more information about the muslin garment and fitting process that our brides go through when doing a custom Modern Trousseau gown.

What is a muslin?
A ‘muslin’ is a wearable fabric pattern made to your measurements that is constructed out of a simple cotton fabric called muslin. It is custom fit to the bride and then taken apart and used by the patternmaker as the pattern to create the actual garment in the real fabric of the gown.

Why would you need a muslin?
Muslins are created for either clients whose measurements don’t fit perfectly into the designer’s size chart or if a custom change is being made to a gown (i.e. a change in the neckline, sleeve or skirt shape).  The beauty of the muslin is that it allows the client to see the silhouette of the gown in process. That way, design and fit changes can be made prior to the garment being produced. The muslin allows a custom, couture fit.

What is involved in the process of fitting the muslin?
We recommend that muslin fittings be done at Modern Trousseau’s design studio in Woodbrige so that each client can experience working with the designer, Callie Tein, and her skilled patternmakers. At the first fitting, the garment will be in muslin form. The patternmaker will pin the muslin and write notes on the fabric as per the client’s personal designations, which will assist her as she is creating the gown. After this fitting, the muslin is taken apart and used as the pattern to cut the fabric for the gown. At the next fitting, the garment will be made, but the zipper will not yet be sewn in. The garment will then be pinned to fit the client. At the final fitting, the zipper will be sewn in, and any final tweaks are made to the gown.

How much does a muslin process costs?
A muslin for a bride is $750. Alterations (including your hem and bustle ties) are included in the cost of the muslin fee.

Partaking in the muslin process not only allows for a perfect fit, but it also enables the client to be part of the creation of their gown. It is a special and unique service that we are proud to offer at The White Dress by the shore. Please feel free to give us a ring at 860.669.4596 for further information.

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February 19 – 21: Romona Keveza Legends Trunk Show

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Picture of the Week

Mayflower Shoot 616

Happy Thursday! This week’s {Picture of the Week} is a #throwbackthursday to a magical winter shoot that took place at the Mayflower Inn. Can’t you just feel the love in the air?!

Photography: Carla Ten Eyck

Beauty: Dana Bartone

Shoot Design: Jubilee Event

Styling: Beth Chapman

Venue: The Mayflower Inn of Grace Hotels

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New Store Policy

Effective immediately, we have a new cancellation policy. When you schedule an appointment for a Thursday evening (5:00 or 6:30 appointment), Saturday, or during a trunk show, we will request a credit card number that we keep on file until your appointment. If your appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, your card will be charged a $25 cancellation fee. This policy is being put in effect in order to respect the time of our associates and for those brides who may be on a waiting list for an appointment.

To learn more about our store policies and to answer any frequently asked questions before shopping with us, click here. 

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Ask the Experts: What Is a Trunk Show?

whatisatrunkshow_photo*Image courtesy of Steve DePino

Over the next several months, we will be hosting a variety of trunk shows! And lately, we have been receiving a lot of questions about what a trunk show actually is. Fortunately, owner Beth Chapman has the answer! Scroll below to read her article “Tackling Trunk Shows,” which has been featured on numerous blogs and in various publications!

Trunk shows can provide the perfect opportunity for a bride to find the gown of her dreams. But what is a trunk show, and what are the benefits for the bride to be?

Beth Chapman, owner of The White Dress by the shore, an upscale bridal boutique located in Clinton, provides this explanation: “A trunk show is an event hosted by a bridal boutique where a broader representation of a designer’s collection is sent to the store.” According to Chapman, “There is often a representative from the company present or in some instances the designer themselves attend the event. There is almost always some type of discount or special offer that is provided during the course of the trunk show if a purchase is made at the event.”

Store owners are generally not able to purchase a designer’s entire collection. A trunk show allows an extended version of the collection to be sent to the store, and oftentimes, designers will send new styles to the event that are not yet available in stores. One of the primary benefits for a bride is that she is able to work directly with the designer or company representative to learn about the intricacies of the line and make custom changes to create her own, one-of-a-kind gown. Notes Chapman, “We recently hosted a Modern Trousseau trunk show and customized almost every gown we sold. Trunk shows are the perfect opportunity for a bride to work with a designer to create her dream gown.”

The designer benefits from the trunk show as well. They are able to watch brides try on their gowns and listen to their comments. It is an excellent opportunity for them to get direct feedback from brides that they can apply to future collections.

Generally there is a discount or special offer associated with a trunk show. It is commonplace for a bridal store to offer a 10% discount during a bridal gown trunk show. Chapman notes, Trunk shows are not recommended for a first-time shopping experience. In order for a bride to fully benefit from a trunk show, they should come into it knowing the types of silhouette that they are looking for. Having this knowledge will allow them to receive the benefit of the discount and the opportunity to work with the designer to customize their gown.”

A trunk show is an excellent time to purchase your gown. If there is a particular designer that you are interested in, a trunk show will allow you to see the full breadth of the designer’s line and allow you to purchase one of their gowns while receiving a discount or special offer. But, be sure to book an appointment early. These exclusive events book up quickly!

Check out our  Events page to view the upcoming trunk shows! If you are interested in attending one, give us a ring to make your appointment!

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What We’re Loving: Jenny Yoo Metallic Bridesmaid Dresses

If you love glitz and glam, then you will be head over heels for the latest trend in bridesmaid dresses! Metallics are having a moment right now, and we are ecstatic that Jenny Yoo has embraced the lustrous colors! From sparkling gold tulle to shimmering silver charmeuse, these dresses are sure to add a glamorous twist to traditional wedding styles. And the best part of all? They can be mixed and matched to create a truly unique look for your bridal party. Below are the glittery additions to Jenny Yoo’s latest collection. Be prepared to swoon! To see these dresses in person, schedule an appointment for our Jenny Yoo 2015 Bridal & Bridesmaid Trunk Show January 29th – 31st. To reserve your spot for this exclusive event, ring us at 860.669.4596 or email





Photography: JJ Ignotz Photography

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January 29 – 31: Jenny Yoo Trunk Show

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