2023 Bridal Market Trend Recap

2023 Bridal Market Trend Recap

2023 Bridal Market Trend Recap. Mobile Image

Apr 18, 2023


This month, we recently had the privilege of traveling to New York City to preview the latest bridal fashion during New York Bridal Fashion Week.


We visited many beloved bridal designers that showcased their newest designs from their Spring/Summer 2024 collections. As we lived out our Sex & The City dreams hailing cabs and watching models strut down the runway, we're so excited to share the latest bridal fashion trends seen this year!




Since the pandemic, there are no rules when it comes to bridalwear-- anything goes! To our delight, pops of pastel colors such as lilac were one of the biggest bridal trends we saw at Bridal Market this year. Though we love our traditional white wedding dresses, we're embracing this trend that is ruling the runway! 

Pictured on the left is a dreamy lily tulle gown from designer Anne Barge. On the right side, pictured is a colorful strapless ballgown from Ines Di Santo's Spring 2024 collection.








Another bridalwear trend that is making a comeback is classic lace! From detachable sleeves to long trends, we're seeing an emergence of feminine traditional lace that is synonymous with bridal gowns. The craftsmanship and delicate intricacies of chantilly and Alencon lace were featured in many of the latest collections from our bridal designers, perfect for a classic bride that desires a timeless look! Both gowns pictured are from Anne Barge's new Spring 2024 collection made with classic lace details.







Florals for spring? Groundbreaking! We couldn't help but notice that floral motifs were a prominent trend that unveiled itself at Bridal Market. Whether it be applique, embroidery, or hand-painted bold prints, we fell in love with these dreamy romantic wedding gowns in every style! Both gowns pictured feature floral motifs, both handpainted flowers in Lake Como and 3D flowers designed by Ines Di Santo.






A trend that we saw last year that seems to be repeating itself this year is architectural necklines! If you love the look of a structured gown, but seek something with a unique quality, look no further than a wedding dress with an architectural neckline. This eye-catching design is quickly gaining popularity for its timeless yet modern bridal element. Pictured below are some of our favorite gowns we saw at Bridal Market that showcased this artful quality! 

The left picture features a strapless ruched gown from designer Kelly Faetanini, and to the right is a structured fitted gown from designer Antonio Gual!






One of our favorite trends we saw at Bridal Market 2023 was the idea of a convertible wedding dress that incorporated detachable elements! Whether that be sleeves, trains, skirts, cuffs, or bows, we are finding that brides are loving the ability to change their look. Pictured on the left is a strapless gown with a detachable train from Anne Barge, and on the right is a satin gown with a removable train designed by Ines Di Santo.






This new take on lace has taken the bridal industry by storm! Although traditional lace has consistently remained a trend for wedding gowns, we were surprised to see an emergence of gowns made from laser-cut lace. This swoon-worthy detail caught our eye, and we're eager to see if our brides will love it as much as we did! On the left is an Anne Barge a-line gown, and on the right is a strapless laser-cut gown!






Who doesn't love a party mini dress to wear for all of their wedding-related events?! Whether you are a bride that likes a little sparkle or something more sophisticated, we saw the LWD trend dominate New York Bridal Fashion Week once again this year! The best thing about a little white dress is its versatility. A bride can build their wedding wardrobe whites with fun blazers, crop tops, or beaded mini dresses to wear a different look for their bachelorette, bridal shower, honeymoon, or just because! Some of the most popular little white dress trends include feathers, pearls, fringe, and bows... anything goes! On the left pictured is a feather blazer dress from Untamed Petals, as well as a pearl bodysuit paired with a clean little white dress designed by Watters.





Loving these bridal trends as much as we are? We invite you to make an appointment with us at our bridal boutique, The White Dress by the Shore, to see what trends we already own here in store for our brides to try! 


xoxo, TWD