A New Way to Bridesmaids Soiree

A New Way to Bridesmaids Soiree

A New Way to Bridesmaids Soiree. Mobile Image

Aug 19, 2020

With the end of the summer creeping up and fall right around the corner, its the perfect time to shop for your bridal party's perfect dresses for next summer!



Treat yourself to a private shopping experience with our Bridesmaids Soiree!


Our Bridesmaids Soirees, along with all of our other appointments here at The White Dress by the shore, are currently looking a little bit differently.  With Bridesmaids Soirées we are celebrating this shopping experience outside in our TWD Garden, if weather permits. For $250, the bride and the bridal party will enjoy our bridesmaids altelier, Chic by the shore and our garden for two hours. Instead of the whole party shopping at the same time we are now allowing, two bridesmaids at a time go into Chic by the shore to try on dresses, previously selected by the bride and your stylist prior to the soirée. The rest of the party will sit in our garden and enjoy sweet treats and mimosas, while watching the other maids show off their favorite dresses, all socially distanced, of course!  The bridal party and the bride will not only leave finding their perfect dresses but they will also leave with a swag bag full of goodies.

With everything looking a little different these days, don't let that stop you from having the best time finding your maids dresses! We are now offering these Bridesmaids Soirees on both Sundays and select Saturdays.


Upcoming Soiree dates:


Keep an eye out on our social media for when we announce new dates!



Give us a call at 860.669.4596 or email us at info@thewhitedressbytheshore.com and we'd be happy to chat with you over the phone!

xo, The TWD Lovelies