April 11: Baubles, Veils and Cocktails VEIL Event

April 11: Baubles, Veils and Cocktails VEIL Event. Mobile Image

Apr 05, 2013

veilevent   *Photo credit: Carla Ten Eyck, Styling: Beth Chapman, Beauty: Dd Nickel, Hair: Jennie Kay This month we wanted to call special attention to one of our favorite bridal accessories- the veil. We love veils because when a client puts one on she gets a special smile, her friends and family gasp and we know that NOW she feels like the bride- nothing comes close to that moment. They are the perfect finishing touch, both a nod to tradition and a way to stay current. Needless to say, we can't get enough of veils! So in leu of our monthly Baubles, Veils and Cocktails Event event we are hosting a 'Veil's Only' version in which they are being offered at an unprecedented 15% discount for one night only- April 11th from 5-8pm! . This speical discount includes our entire collection- from cages to cathedral, cut edge to beaded lace. We happen to be hosting a Modern Trousseau 'Runway Reveal' Trunk Show beginning on the same day and continuing through April 13th. Our Veil Event will include all of the incredible veils offered by this designer at that same amazing 15% discount. We love how all of Modern Trousseau's lace gowns have a matching lace trimmed veil -and don't worry,  if you don't find one to suit your particular specifications it can certainly be custom designed. Stay tuned to the blog next week when we post a 'Frequently Asked Questions' Guide to Veils to help you prepare yourself for Thursdays' shopping trip. Ring us at 860.669.4596 to book your spot from 5-8pm to save during this this amazing event!  

xoxo, TWD