Ask Beth: Mass Appeal Segment- Proper attire for a summer wedding

Ask Beth: Mass Appeal Segment- Proper attire for a summer wedding  . Mobile Image

Jul 11, 2013

Owner, Beth Chapman had the privilege of visiting WWLP Channel 22 in Springfield, MA on Tuesday to discuss proper attire for guests for a summer wedding and the in and outs for selecting your mother of the occasion dress.   massappeal   Fashion Credits: Top Left Image: From left, Coren Moore,  Amsale , Jenny Yoo Social. Jewels from Aquinnah and Haute Bride Top Right Image: From left, Watters Collection 20, Siri, Modern Trousseau. Jewels from Aquinnah and Haute Bride *For more fun updates and  behind the scenes images follow us on Instagram @thewhitedress     Here some of the questions that Beth and Mass Appeal host, Ashley, discussed.  To see Bethâs answers, be sure to click the video link below:   On selecting attire to attend a wedding: 1.      Is it really realistic that a bridesmaid could actually wear a bridesmaid dress again to attend a wedding as a guest? 2.      Are there any faux pas, or things that women should avoid, when selecting a dress as a guest of a wedding? On choosing your mother of the  bride or groom dress:  1.       How far in advance should a mother begin shopping for her dress? 2.       If the bridesmaids are wearing long dresses, is the mother required to wear long? 3.       Should the mothers of the bride and groom match the color of the bridal party?    

Proper attire for a summer wedding


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