Ask Beth: What are the different types of laces?

Ask Beth: What are the different types of laces?

Ask Beth: What are the different types of laces?. Mobile Image

Jan 20, 2016

We adore lace wedding dresses. Brides don't realize that are all different types of lace and each one has unique attributes that can change the aesthetic of your wedding dress. Owner, Beth Chapman defines the differences below and answers the question, "what are the different types of lace"? Romona Keveza Legends L6139   Q: "After doing a ton of wedding dress research online I have found I love lace - I'll see you at the Lace Event! But with that said, I feel a bit confused by all the different types of lace out there. How many lace options are there and how can I tell the difference?" -Megan A: Megan, great question! With the ever increasing amount of options and our Lace Event fast approaching we are sure you aren't the only bride out there with this question! Below we have broken down each type of lace with a short description for each. Of course there are many different variations but these are the basic categories: Chantilly Lace photo 3[2] Chantilly lace is a handmade bobbin lace named after the city of Chantilly, France, in a tradition dating from the 17th century. Chantilly lace is known for its flat, outlined pattern, and abundant detail. Brides who are looking for a soft, romantic lace pattern will love Chantilly. Alenon Lace photo 2[4] Alenon lace or point d'Alenon is a needle lace that originated in Alenon, France. It is sometimes called the "Queen of lace." There is a raised cording throughout the pattern of the lace, and the cording follows the lace pattern underneath. Some but not all of the edges of the lace have "eyelashes". Brides who truly want a traditional lace gown should look for Alenon ! Gupiere Lace


  Guipure lace (also called Venetian lace) is a firm, stiff lace with no net background. The pattern is made by a series of closely packed embroidery stitches and works well for the bride who LOVES texture. Cotton Lace photo 1[3]   Cotton Lace has a soft, less formal feel than more traditional lace styles. Perfect for a spring soiree or wedding on the water. Laser Cut Lace photo 4[2]  

Laser Cut Lace is a unique and modern take on the traditional fabrication. It is perfect for a bride who loves the tradition of lace but has a more modern style!

Point d'Esprit Lace

Point esprit lace (2)

Point d'esprit lace is a bobbinet or tulle with oval or square dots woven in an irregular pattern. This lace is more spaced and airy than a traditional alecon lace. This is the perfect lace for the bride who thinks she does not want an allover lace gown.  Point d'esprit lace has a vintage feel and is perfect for a farm or barn wedding. 

xoxo, TWD