Ask Beth: What should I put in my wedding day clutch?

Ask Beth: What should I put in my wedding day clutch?. Mobile Image

May 20, 2013

Question: "I firmly believe a girl can't ever be too prepared, which is why I ALWAYS keep my gigantic purse with everything you can think of close at hand. So of course I am in love with the idea of carrying a clutch on my wedding day. What are my options in terms of style and furthermore, what essentials would you recommend keeping inside? I know I'll need to thin out my usual arsenal so I could use some recommendations. Thank you, Meaghan" Answer: "Meaghan,  A clutch  is not only a fashionable, but functional accessory for your big day.  It can carry the key essentials that you will not want to be without  and if you make the correct choice, your clutch can also act as the perfect finishing detail for your big day!  After all, what photographer does not love a great accessory shot?! With our Spring Accessories Event winding down at the end of this week, we are so happy to shine the spotlight on this often forgotten, but absolutely necessary, bridal accessory. We just cannot get enough of beautiful clutches- both stylish and handy, they add an heir of grace (and of course preparedness) to your wedding day look. At The White Dress we are are lucky enough to carry pieces from two amazing companies out of New York to suit any wedding day look. The first designer, Merci New York, creates leather, faux-leather and genuine python designs that are each complimented by a beautiful (interchangeable and removable) crystal brooch.  We love these pieces not only for their beauty, but also for their function - each bag has an inner pocket and removable chain strap. We also cannot get enough of the colors offered- currently we are loving the Tiffany Blue Python shade, but their metallic options are also to die for and offer an ultra modern take on this essential accessory. Pair these bags with a fitted silhouette or a full ball gown- you absolutely cannot go wrong!  Especially if your ensemble includes sparkly earrings and a belt, to play off the beautiful brooch on the bag. merci-new-york-clutches The second featured designer is Moyna, who is renowned for their customizable beaded clutches. They offer every color combination under the sun, which allows for you to match your clutch to your wedding's color palate. We also love this company because they monogram and offer custom beading patterns- what a beautiful way to add a personal touch to your look , or for your maids. Can you imagine the chevron print bag under your arm at your nautical nuptials?  Or, the art-deco style clutch in your hands after your Gatsby-style 'I do's'?   I also adore their oversized pearl clutch, which would look so chic at a classic New England affair.  MOYNA-beaded-cluthes For the second part of your question, Meaghan, I thought it would be best to enlist the help of Jennie Fresa, owner of Jennie Fresa Makeup & Skincare Boutiquerie , which is conveniently located right next to The White Dress by the shore. Jennie is THE bridal beauty expert and knows exactly what to pack in your wedding day clutch. Most of the supplies can be purchased directly from her boutique. Below are her suggestions: what-to-put-in-your-wedding-day-purse1. Kai Perfume (available at Jennie Fresa): If you don't already have a signature scent you should consider this, described as a "a light and intoxicating blend of gardenia wrapped in white exotics...". Scent is the sense most connected to memory so your husband-to-be will always connect this refreshing smell with your wedding day.This company is also completley paraben, sulfate, phthalate, phosphate and cruelty free. This roll on size is perfect for a clutch. 2. Jennie Fresa Oil Blotter (available at Jennie Fresa): Don't forget this key item, especially if your wedding is in the middle of summer. We all know brides can get a little over heated so its important to drink plenty of water and use these oil absorbing sheets before your formal photos to avoid a shiny forehead.  3. Extra Bobby Pins: Your maids might notice a loose lock or two after you've danced your heart out, so it always helps to have a few extra bobby pins to secure your do.  4. Mini Altoids: Of course you want to enjoy the food at the reception, but you also want to have fresh breath. These are Jennie's 'go to' when getting up close and personal. They're mini so the container fits perfectly in your clutch, plus they aren't as overpowering as the original version.  5. Jennie Fresa Lip Stick (available at Jennie Fresa): It's a good idea to purchase a tube of the lipstick your makeup artist applies for touch up's through out the day. After smooching your new hubby and sipping a champagne toast you'll need a little color refreshment.  6. Tissues: This goes without saying, there might be more than a few tears during your maid of honors speech so its best to be prepared. You may even need to lend your husband one! 7. Zen Society Rosewater Mist (available at Jennie Fresa): A jack of all trades! This compact mist is the perfect "mid-day pick me up". It helps to balance your skin's PH, manage oil throughout the day and combat the drying effects of air conditioning, sun and wind. It's the ultimate go to for wedding day skin refreshment and also helps set your makeup! We hope this helps Meaghan and we hope to see you during our Spring Accessories Event where you will receive a 10% discount off your new clutch!"  

xoxo, TWD