Ask The Experts: Aquinnah Jewelry

Ask The Experts: Aquinnah Jewelry

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Nov 12, 2013

We are very much looking forward to this Thursday's Event! This month during our monthly, Baubles Veils and Cocktails, we are featuring a trunk show from local designer, Aquinnah Jewelry! Owner and designer, Kelley Solomon, will be on hand to create and customize your look, so be sure to book your hour long appointment as soon as possible! In anticipation, we asked Kelley a few questions in regards to her history and inspiration. Kelley knows what brides, mothers and maids are looking for, as her background includes many years working at The White Dress by the shore as a bridal stylist. Read below and then book your hour long appointment on Thursday, November 14th between 5 and 8 PM to work with this incredible talent and receive 10% off your accessories order!


1. How did you get started designing?   I started designing jewerly when I was around 10 years old.  My mom would take my sister and I to a fabulous bead shop on Martha's Vineyard.  It carried beads and findings from all around the world.  Instead of going to the beach most days I would spend hours designing pieces for my friends and family. 2. Where do your jewelry ideas come from? When I find new vintage components, chains and beads I am inspired by their shape, design or era they came from.  I love art deco and the combination of old and new together. I get a lot of inspiration from art history as well.  I love flipping through all my art history books from college and my many coffee table books I have collected throughout the years. And, of course fashion of the past and present inspires me everyday.  I studied fashion, photography and studio art in college. 3. What are your favorite pieces to wear? When I'm going to a special event I love wearing my bigger statement necklaces.  But, everyday I wear one of my lockets or one of my many simple vintage pendants in gold.  And, I like to stack a few of my chain bracelets with one of my bracelets with a splash of color or bling.


4. Whats your design process?  Every few months I will shop for new, unique, vintage pieces to use in my designs.  Designing begins right after I receive all of my little treasures back from my plater.  When I purchase new pieces they are raw.  Usually, very tarnished or just a raw brass, copper or metal so when they are plated they have a re-birth of brilliance.  It really gets me so excited to see their transformation every time. I then lay every piece out, in its spectacular gold or silver plated glory.  Every little trinket inspires my designs.  The shape and style of each piece leads me down different design paths.  I will often re-design necklaces, bracelets, and earrings several times before I add them to my collection.  I then post some of my favorites on Facebook and/or Instagram and love to read all the feedback and criticism.


 5. How is designing for brides different from designing for every day? I really do enjoy designing for both brides and everyday, more causal fashion.  But, when designing a piece for a bride there is just something so special about it.  Especially, because I really get to know, and become good friends with, the brides I consult with.  I feel so lucky.  I always thinkâ¦this piece of jewelry will most likely be past down in her family, will be photographed and seen in her wedding pictures forever.  I always want to give them everything they dream of and more, because thats what every bride deserves on her wedding day.  I feel like I am a part of their wedding day even though I am not present.  This makes me so honored and happy to be a designer and to have had the opportunity to connect to new, wonderful people. We hope to see you at our 'Baubles, Veils and Cocktails' Event this Thursday from 5-8 PM!  

xoxo, TWD