Ask the Experts: Hartley & Hill Design, a new concept in wedding planning

Ask the Experts: Hartley & Hill Design, a new concept in wedding planning. Mobile Image

Jun 03, 2013

      harleyandhilldesign As part of our 'Ask the Experts' blog series, we asked our dear friends at Harley & Hill Design to fill us in on their new project- a revolutionary service for planning your wedding! Below you can read a little about the company and then view the questions we asked about their new service! But first, a little summary: Harley & Hill designs beautiful interiors, and has recently taken the leap to planning events using the same unique concept for your ceremony and reception that they developed for your home called H2H- custom attainable design on your own terms. Check out the step by step procedure and then get more information here... 2h2-85807417 Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 1.15.55 PM First, Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 1.17.17 PM Then, Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 1.18.03 PM   How easy is that?! Talk about making wedding planning simple!  Take some pictures, answer some questions, submit your payment and send it away- and after a short time, receive your entire plan all wrapped up in a neat (and beautiful) little package! Now a little bit more about the brand and some in depth questions about this new process straight from the ladies lips to your ears: âIf every thought of decorating your home or planning an event has you feeling defeated before your begin, let us help you. Our mission at Hartley & Hill Design is to turn a house into a home, an event into a life-long memory, and to welcome each holiday feeling relaxed and enriched. This can all be accomplished while keeping your individual style and budget in the forefront. As we âDesign for Life❠we can help family and friends understand a place, a time, an era. From something as easy as changing the color palette in your home, to providing an inviting ambiance for a special occasion, our design expertise will help you achieve a connection to something meaningful within your surroundings that can last a lifetime.❠With over ten years of combined education and experience in business, design, and the wedding industry, Melissa and Sara continually envision designs throughout various aspects of every-day life, and are driven to share this passion with their clients." sara.melissaHR   1.      How was this innovative concept developed and how does your interior design background support it?   We created the 2H2 division of our business for our clients that were looking for custom attainable design on their own terms.  We have often had people ask us about our services, noting that they always felt that hiring an interior or wedding designer was out of their budget, so we felt that it was important to come up with a concept that would allow more people to achieve custom design at their own pace.  The key for us is âattainabilityâ.  Our services are a great asset for those on a limited budget, but also for those really looking to play a large role in their own event without being overwhelmed by the process.  Our clients can take our ideas, delivered to their door, and execute it according to their own guidelines.  By filling out our questionnaire, we start the process of understanding our clientsâ needs, and strive to design a custom plan where they have options and choices that will all coincide to create a memorable event.   With a background in interior design, we are able to see everything from the overall concept, to the finest detail.  Our approach to weddings, like interiors, is to create a personal experience and design based on our clientsâ needs and wants.  As with interiors, it is essential to us that we donât just create a space, but rather a reflection of our clientsâ lives, a backdrop to beautiful memories.  Our experience is with orchestrating many different elements to come together as a whole.  We are able to visualize a comprehensive plan and create a step-by-step implementation process that can be done with ease.    2.       Who do you see as the ideal client for this service?   Our 2H2 service is created for a bride that would like to be involved in their wedding planning process, looking for chic custom design using their own budget and terms.  It is also for someone who would like to take advantage of having an interior designerâs overall perspective on personalizing the aesthetics of such a special day.  We are presenting a different option for brides, so that they feel that they can play a large role in the decisions for their own wedding.  The flexibility of our design, allows the hands-on bride to pick and choose as they wish, knowing that each option that we provide will go with the overall design aesthetic.    Another beauty of the concept is that it can be done remotely.  Brides are not limited by their location for their design.  It is a service that is delivered right to their door, with resources that are available regardless of the area that they live in.   3.  What is your recommended lead-time (how far in advance of the wedding do you recommend this service take place)?    As soon as you get engaged!!!  Honestly, the sooner the better.  While we are able to send out our packages between 6-8 weeks from the time of your order, it is best that the process begin as you have picked your date and venue.  This will allow for a more stress-free planning.  It will leave room for any back orders, or lengthy lead times for any custom products.  One of our biggest goals is to create peace of mind for our brides, knowing that they will have a plan in place that will make their day both unforgettable and attainable.  Part of that peace of mind is allowing ample to time to implement the plan that we create.       4.      Do you recommend working with an event coordinator to implement your plan?   Our wedding design-in-box was created so that hiring an event coordinator for the entire wedding process isnât necessary.  Our goal is to make it as simple as possible with every tool needed to implement your design on your own terms.  That being said, we definitely think that having an event coordinator for the day of your wedding is always beneficial.  Having someone there who can make sure the events of the day go smoothly can relieve a brideâs stress.  However, with our expertise, the day in her dreams, can easily become a reality!     We'd like to thank these ladies for filling us in on this new and revolutionary concept in wedding planning! Remember to visit their site for more information!    

xoxo, TWD