Ask The Experts ~ Proposal Planning

Ask The Experts ~ Proposal Planning

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Jun 27, 2011

We love smart and creative women!  As part of our ongoing âAsk the experts seriesâ, we recently interviewed the charming Sarah Pease, owner and creative director of New Yorkâs Brilliant Event Planning.  Sarahâs niche is planning engagements!  We found this such to be such an intriguing concept, we needed to find out more!  Below is our conversation with Sarah.

Sarah Pease The Proposal Planner Ask The Experts Interview

Ask The Experts Sarah Pease of Brilliant Event Planning

Proposal Image By Zlatko Batistich

When clients contact you to plan their proposal, do they generally have a specific scenario in mind or do they need a lot guidance from you?

My clients usually come as blank slates â they arenât quite sure how to create the perfect moment to propose but they know their fiancée-to-be extremely well. Iâll sit down with him and try to get a sense of the girl so that we can figure out what the most creative, unique, and memorable way to pop the question for his future bride is!

Those who come in with an idea usually have a piece of the puzzle â maybe they know the location they want to propose, the theme they want to utilize, or the music in the background. My job then is to help them expand their vision so that the entire moment is brilliant.

Tell us more about your proposal planning tool?

I came up with this tool to give guys who werenât sure where to start in planning their proposal a nudge in the right direction. By visiting, guys will answer a few short questions about their girl (things like, what is her dream vacation?) to generate the perfect idea for an amazing proposal. This gives guys a taste of what would be done in a proposal consultation. We are currently working on Proposal Ideas Tool 2.0, which will be tailored to same sex couples as well!

What is the latest trend that you are seeing in proposals?

With YouTube videos of amazing engagements being tremendously popular, guys everywhere feel the need to raise the bar and think of something beyond a ring in dessert at a restaurant or a proposal on the jumbotron. Girls are also starting to dream a little bigger after seeing what is possible! With expectations of proposals at an all time high, hiring a proposal planner has become a natural trend. Hiring us means that not only is the guy assured his moment will go off perfectly, but the girl will also get a proposal beyond any of her wildest dreams.

What is the most romantic proposal that you have planned?

Gosh, there are so many romantic proposals and I think each proposal Iâve planned is romantic in its own way, no matter what happens or how the guy pops the question. I once had a guy that, in his nervousness, forgot to get down on one knee when he popped the question. Conversely, Iâve had guy that are cool as cucumbers â one memorable guy was perfectly calm and composed during his proposal, despite not one, but TWO snowpocalypses that pushed back his plans! The thing that makes the proposal romantic is how the guy had gone above and beyond to make his proposal something his girl can talk about forever. But, I have to say that the most romantic proposal for me was when my own guy popped the question!

What is the most extravagant proposal that you have planned?

We recently did one for a girl whose two biggest loves (besides her fiancée) were fashion and reality tv. After convincing her that her sister had entered her for a ânew❠TV show called Fashion Scavenger Hunt, we shut down a boutique in SoHo and had her answer questions to win a new outfit. The show then rewarded her with a makeover at one of the countryâs top salons and a hair styling by Project Runwayâs featured stylist. The day culminated in a photo shoot on a yacht sailing around New York Harbor. As she was voguing for our photographer, we sailed past Brooklyn Bridge Park and a huge sign that read, âWill You Marry Me?.❠At that very moment, her soon-to-be fiancée in full tuxedo, with a dozen roses, appeared on another boat, boarded the yacht, and proposed. She said yes!

Do most of the clients that hire you to plan their proposal also hire you plan their wedding?

Many of them do! The success of the proposal shows the couple that we are organized enough to handle the logistics and creative enough to ensure that whatever they dream of will come to life!

To learn more about Sarah and her fabulous business, visit her website Brilliant Event Planing and check out her recent segment on ABCâs Nightline by clicking here.

xoxo, TWD