Ask the Experts: Sonas Med Spa

Ask the Experts: Sonas Med Spa

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Feb 10, 2012

We are dedicating the month of  March to Moms!  We are making every day in March Mother's Day, and as such, we are offering a series on incredible mother of the occasion trunk shows throughout the month~

March 1st - 4th Modern Trousseau Eveningwear

March 8th - 10th Siri Mother of the Occassion

March 15th - 17th  Watters Collection 20

March 22nd -24th  Jenny Yoo 2012 Collection Launch

Continue to watch the blog for future details on each of these exclusive events offering options for every mom!  Ring us at 860.669.4596 to schedule your appointment.

We decided to preview our Mom's month with an interview with an expert on aging skin,  Dr. Susan O'Malley, founder and Medical Director of Sonas Med Spa in Madison.  Dr. O'Malley is dedicated to helping women maintain their beauty without surgery. She trained and worked as an Emergency Room physician for many years before opening her practice in 2002. During her time in the Emergency Room and for many years afterward, Dr. OâMalley was a member of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine. She now devotes herself to her community as a frequent lecturer at womenâs organizations and community health and business events including the Women in Business Committee, The Network of Executive Women, The Madison Challenge, The Madison Rotary Club and the Shoreline Business Expo. Dr. OâMalley has also been featured nationally on NBC, as well as locally on Fox and ABC news. She founded and is chairperson of the Women in Business Committee for the Madison Chamber of Commerce.  In 2011, Sonas Med Spa was awarded the New Business of the Year award and Dr. OâMalley was elected to the Board of Directors of the Madison Chamber. Dr. OâMalley describes herself as a 60 year old woman who knows what itâs like to look in the mirror and see a changing face. Her goal for you is the same as the goal for herself: to help you become a more relaxed, less tired version of you.

Dr. O'Malley will be joining us on Sunday, March 4th during our Modern Trousseau trunk show.  Moms attending the trunk show will have the opportunity to make a 15 minute min-consultation with Susan to discuss the individualized needs of their skin as they prepare for their child's big day.  Ring us at 860.669.4596 to schedule your appointment for the trunk show and to set up your mini- skincare consultation.

Dr. Susan O'Malley

What services do you offer? I trained and worked as an Emergency Room physician for many years before opening my practice in 2002. When I was starting to have conversations with my plastic surgery colleagues about my own cosmetic concerns, I didn't like what I was hearing and knew there had to be a better way.  As a result, all of our services at Sonas are custom designed to erase years off your face and neck, using only state of the art non-surgical, non-invasive procedures.

Your tagline is- be beautiful without surgery.  What are your most popular services for clients to improve the appearance of their skin? My most popular services are those procedures that help women tighten and tone their skin over time. Over the last ten years, I have evolved to serve women who are seeking procedures that do not involve down time. My ladies like to keep things secret! Our most popular treatment is the Viora Reaction which uses radiofrequency waves to help your face make more collagen. Also, many women have brown and red patches on their face from years of sun exposure and broken capillaries. A few laser treatments helps to erase those concerns.

Typically, what is the age range of your clients (Are the majority of your clients ones with aging skin)? As I have matured, so have my patients. The majority of my clientele is made up of the more mature woman, near or over fifty. As a 60 year old woman myself, I tell others that not only do I understand their concerns, I share them as well.

What "problem" areas do you feel you address the most with women with aging skin? Tightening loose skin and jowls is a major problem for mature women. Also, skin texture is a big issue. I have my own skin care line that addresses lack luster and mature skin, which has been met with much enthusiasm by my ladies. Many women also control their frown lines and lip lines with regular Botox injections.

What services do you recommend for a woman with aging skin? I start every consultation by asking âHow can I help you?❠There are many different answers to that question. Some women want to relax their frown lines or specific forehead lines or crowâs feet. Botox works wonders for these problems because it relaxes specific facial muscles. Others are bothered by nose to mouth lines or general loss of volume in their lower face. These patients are ideal candidates for facial fillers such as Juvederm. By far, my most common answer to that question is that she just doesn't look like herself anymore and doesn't know what happened. These women are well suited for a procedure that will help them build back collagen. The Viora radiofrequency machine is a great choice to tighten and tone gradually and without downtime.

Is it safe to assume that mothers of the occasion (moto) fall within the realm of your average client? Absolutely!

How can these services benefit a moto, pre-wedding? Many women come to me having seen a picture of themselves at some occasion and canât believe the change in their face. Then they project to the next special occasion and donât want history to repeat itself. My goal at Sonas is to help you look like a more relaxed, less tired version of yourself. Everyoneâs needs are different and so everyoneâs solution is tailored to their needs. When I was a young girl, there were no anti-aging options. This is an exciting time because there are so many alternatives.

What services do you recommend post-wedding...or what do you recommend for a "maintenance" schedule (followup)? Any procedure that is geared to help you build collagen will require maintenance. Collagen is a dynamic process. We build it and break it down. If we didn't break it down, we would look like the Michelin Man cartoon. Even though the initial procedure helped you make more collagen, you are still breaking it down, which is why these procedures require maintenance. The schedules are different for each procedure and are also unique to each individual.

 How far in advance should a client make an appointment, particularly if a mother of the occasion? Tightening is different for everyone, but I would allow at least four months to get your desired result.

Do you recommend any "quick fix" services? Microdermabrasion, one of the most popular non-surgical treatments available today, is an exfoliating procedure that reverses the effects of aging on the skin. It is a mechanical way of removing dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. This is a great âquick fix❠procedure because once the dead cells are removed, you are left with glowing skin. The results will last a week or two because collagen production is a dynamic process and your skin is constantly renewing itself.

Do you offer any wedding package incentives? All services are custom designed to fit your individual concerns and are personally administered by me. As everyoneâs needs are different, there are no packages offered at Sonas. This allows you the freedom to adjust your services without feeling boxed-in.

 To learn more about Dr. OâMalley or Sonas Med Spa, please visit or call 203 245-2227 for a free consultation


xoxo, TWD