Ask The Experts:FUZION Medical Aesthetic Boutique

Ask The Experts:FUZION Medical Aesthetic Boutique

Ask The Experts:FUZION Medical Aesthetic Boutique. Mobile Image

Mar 07, 2012

Last week, we created a post discussing skincare specifically for Moms.  This week, we are focusing on our brides and are  thrilled  to introduce Fuzion , a medical aesthetic boutique in Branford.  

Fuzion has  been offering  amazing treatment packages to our White Carpet brides as part of our incredible SWAG bag, for over a year.  Now, we are honored to introduce their services to our loyal blog followers.

One of our brides recently commented  that "it takes one year to get your skin and body ready for your wedding", and we agree!  That is where Fuzion comes in! Fuzion has packages to jump-start your pre-wedding beauty regimen, including among others, microdermabrasion, teeth whitening and chemical peels.  The entire staff  at The White Dress by The Shore has been treated to a  'skinervention" with the lovelies at Fuzion, and we can honestly say that our skin will never be the same! It was a life changing experience!

The following 'ask the experts post' is dedicated to Fuzion and to MS. Kati Midgley, the aesthetic boutique's PA-C and injectables specialist.  In this interview Kati gives us a glimpse into Fuzion and the exciting new packages and treatments being offered just for brides.

Tell us a little about FUZIONâwhat types of services do you offer? We are a Medical Aesthetic Boutiqueânot a traditional doctorâs office or medspa. This is a big distinction for us. We offer boutique medicine that is completely customized for every patient in a relaxing and spectacular environment. We offer a range of cosmetic services from beauty-baby-stepsâchemical peels and microdermabrasion to moderate beauty strides such as BOTOX and dermal fillersâall the way up to beauty leaps like the SmartLipo MPX and Fraxel CO:2 laser.

 Our best piece of advice for brides is to come in for a complimentary consultation. This will allow us to get to know each other and understand how she wants to feel on her big day. We can then work together to create a custom Beauty Plan that is just right for her.

What types of concerns do you see brides wanting to address prior to their wedding day? It all depends on what time frame and budget a bride has to work with, but we can accommodate almost everyone. For quick fixes, many brides come to us looking for help with their complexion. A chemical peel is a great way to even out the texture and tone of the skin so the bride is photo-ready for her big day. Makeup will go on smoother and overall, the face just feels more fresh and vibrant. Latisse is another very popular item for long, thick lashes, along with medical grade teeth whitening.

For brides who have more time to prepare, we often find they are looking for a wide variety of servicesâanything from BOTOX, to dermal fillers, to laser hair removal, to SmartLipo. Laser hair removal is particularly helpful for anyone going on a beachside honeymoon and who wants to show off their curves without worrying about having to keep up with shaving. We also offer laser tattoo removal for brides who are looking to reduce any visible ink that their wedding dress reveals.

What services do you recommend for brides who simply wish to look glowing on their big day? Our services can be customized to each and every bride to ensure she has that wedding day glow she is looking for whether itâs the right âat home❠products or a full laser facial. The right product or service will depend on her individual needs and the kinds of results she is looking for. Laura, our medical aesthetician and skincare expert, has a chemical peel to fit almost every need including acne, sunspots, texture, tone and wrinkles. A chemical peel will remove the dead, dull layers of skin and reveal fresh, glowing skin underneath.

 We also offer an Isolaz Acne Treatment that is a great solution to unreliable, over-the-counter acne products. This laser breaks apart the bacteria clogging the pores and vacuums it away. In about 4 treatments thereâs a noticeable improvement in the number and severity of breakouts and the skin feels clean and blemish free for her big day.

 If a bride is looking for that glowing smile, we also offer teeth whitening services that can be done in just one or two sessions. A white dress can lessen the appearance of white teeth and this simple service is one more way to ensure they are photo-ready.

Do you recommend any maintenance services post-wedding? We are big believers that when someone looks good, they feel good. It is important for us to give brides (and all of our clients) confidence for their big day and every dayâat home, at work and in life. We are always happy to see our brides return as regular clients. Plus we love seeing all of the wedding and honeymoon photos!

Do you offer any wedding packages or incentivesâif so, what? We do offer some packages and incentives, but strongly favor a customized beauty plan. We suggest coming in for a complimentary consultation so that we can discusses the packaged services with each bride to be sure it is right for her and will produce the best results. Our beauty experts can customize the perfect Beauty Plan and add or subtract from the package if necessary. We will of course, discuss any incentives and special offers to make sure we achieve the ideal results on an ideal budget.

How far in advance of her wedding do you recommend a bride coming in for a consultation? We suggest that once a date is set to get in touch with our patient-care coordinator, Lauran. She can help set up an appointment for a complimentary consultation and begin the critical conversation with the bride about what kind of results she is looking to achieve.

If a bride is interested in services that require multiple treatments like laser hair removal or laser tattoo removal itâs never to early to start. Once a timeline is established, Lauran can help coordinate the brideâs services with our experts throughout her time with us.

It is also great to start early because then a bride can be informed about upcoming specials, the Fringe Benefits rewards program and discounts at our Beauty Bashes.

What type of results are typical of your clients? That is a tough questionâalmost anything is possible. Our medical teams are leading experts in their fields and dedicated to achieving the optimal results. My co-medical director, David Goodkind, is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with over 30 years experience. I am a Physician Assistant with a decade of experience as an inject ables specialist and clinical instructor. Our philosophy behind boutique services and customized Beauty Plans means that we are able to achieve the ideal results for each of our clients so that results always look natural.

Many placesâdermatologists, gynocologists, medspas and more may offer medical aesthetic services, but that does not mean they are the best option. This is what we specialize in and are asked to teach doctors and providers across the country to do. We firmly believe that when it comes to your image, you need to feel comfortable that you are always doing what is best for you.

You have a room in your location that is available for brides to rent out for special occasionsâtell us about that? We have a picturesque event room with private parking and a separate entrance. It has wireless Internet and computer hookup to a flat screen TV that is perfect for slide shows and videos. Not to mention the wonderful restaurants around for catering, if needed. Overall the space is large and bright with hardwood floors and simple decor that is easily customizable. Lauran, our Patient-Care and Event Coordinator, is always happy to assist in designing the space and occasion to the hostâs liking. If you are familiar with FUZION, this is where we hold our Beauty Bashesâevents that are designed to give our clients an excuse to get out, pamper themselves, learn a little bit about what we do and take advantage of giveaways and specials.

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See more of the beautiful  space that Fuzion offers for events, including  bridal showers, by clicking here.  Please call Lauran at 203-871-3799 for more details!

As a special treat for our loyal followers, Fuzion will provide a complimentary consultation and a free product, to be determined at the consult, when you mention The White Dress by the shore.  Offer is valid until October 1st!

xoxo, TWD