Behind the Scenes of a Mexican destination wedding shoot with Carla Ten Eyck

Behind the Scenes of a Mexican destination wedding shoot with Carla Ten Eyck. Mobile Image

Apr 09, 2012

image by Carla Ten Eyck  Last month we had the pleasure of  journeying to beautiful Playa Del Carmen, Mexico for a few fabulous days of styling in the surf and sun. We are thrilled to share some behind the scenes action from this incredible destination wedding shoot! images by Beth Chapman Our accommodations included a stay at the gorgeous Balinese-inspired El Taj resort which was the embodiment of luxury. We also had the privilege of shooting and dining at Playa's most fabulous restaurants and hotels- Aldea Corazon, Mi Pueblo, Sur: Steakhouse,La Azotea and Hotel El Punto. image by Carla Ten Eyck  We traveled with a bevy of fabulous local talent including, photographers Carla Ten Eyck and Greg Lewis, Candice Coppola of Jubilee Events, makeup artist DD Nickel, Tony Palmeri of Datura: A Modern Garden, and videographer Jeremy White.  There was not a shortage of creativity or laughter with this group! Here are a few shots of the team doing what they do best! images by Carla Ten Eyck  Our locations were coordinated by Candice of Jubilee Events along with the restaurant groups' lovely director of operations, Blanca (who doubled as our bridesmaid model). We don't want to give it all away but some of the highlights of our shoots included a treacherous trip out to a windy ocean pier, our models (a real life couple we might add) photographed in our resorts' pool, an ultra-autentic mariachi band, Mayan ruins, tranquil beaches and much, much more. images by Beth Chapman It was so fun to pull together the fashion for this Mayan adventure.  We used gowns from David Fielden, Amsale and Ivy and Aster (including a lace stunner that was designed and created specifically for OUR shoot)!  We thank our lucky stars for Orange Restoration, our gown cleaning company, who managed to get the chlorine, sand and Mexican mud out of the stunning gowns! Below owner Beth Chapman and stylist Jill Sandrey, take a break from styling to pose themselves! image by Jillian Sandrey Stay tuned for the blog for the fabulous shoot images themselves and an announcment about where you can see them in print!  In the meantime, to get the perspective of the photographer herself, be sure to visit Carla's blog!

xoxo, TWD