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Jan 13, 2021



In the market for the perfect wedding shoes? Look no further!

Bella Belle Shoes are dubbed as the 12-hour wedding shoes, by real brides.  They are known for their exquisite details and beloved for their comfort. They are also the most popular wedding shoes on Instagram and they are offering our brides 10% off at checkout!  


Shoes carry a lot of weight (literally) to ensure you feel great on your wedding day.  You want to feel confident walking down the aisle, greeting your loved ones, standing for pictures, and dancing in your reception.  Further, shoes are such a great opportunity to tie your bridal look together.  


Some tips & tricks:

  •  For outdoor weddings, wear a block heel or use heel stoppers to make any heels outdoor friendly.
  • Ivory or color shoes are both equally stunning.  So follow what your heart says!  If you are a classic bride with a lace gown, look for shoes that have details similar to your dress.  If you are a modern fashionista, try bridal booties with your ensemble, or a red heel.  Vintage vibe? Try Matilda polkadot or Annalise.  Looking for your something blue? You just found it with your bridal shoes. 
  • Wider feet: go half a size up, or pick a shoe made of mesh that is breathable and can stretch a bit to follow your feet as they expand throughout the day.
  • If shoes are a little bit tight: wear thick socks with the shoes for 2 hours a day to stretch them until they feel comfortable.
  • When you need your shoes: before your first fitting, to ensure your seamstress can hem the dress at the right length.  If you don't have your shoes yet on your fitting, you can bring your heels of the same height you are planning to wear for the wedding. 


Head on over to their website, linked here, and check out all the gorgeous options they have to offer! 

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Happy Shopping!

xoxo, The TWD Lovelies








Photography: Charla Storey

Floral Styling: Maxine Owens Design

Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes