BELONG Photoshoot

BELONG Photoshoot

BELONG Photoshoot. Mobile Image

May 25, 2022




 The White Dress by the shore strives to create an extraordinary shopping experience for EVERY bride. We had the vision to shoot a campaign that stood for diversity and inclusion but wanted it to be authentic. ⁠

We decided to create a campaign using our own muses, models that have represented our brand for years and that are near and so dear to our hearts.


We couldn't have it without our amazing photographer Carla Ten Eyck who helped us turn our dream photoshoot into a reality, and so beautifully ⁠at that!


We also want to thank Catie Bane and Primped and Beautiful for getting our muses photoshoot ready!




 On the left, we have the beautiful Allie! Beth met Allie years ago when she cast her for a shoot requiring a curvy model, and they instantly hit it off.  We adore Allie’s positive attitude and incredible energy.  We use her for our shoots, campaign and media every chance we get!  Allie perfectly embodies our brand in every way!


In the middle, we have the stunning Liane! Liane is a long-time muse of TWD and owner, Beth Chapman Styling.  Beth and Liane met over 10 years ago at a shoot and became fast friends.  Liane has since modeled for a countless number of campaigns and shoots for our store and she even graces the cover of Beth’s second book, The White Dress Destinations.  We had the absolute honor of dressing Liane for her wedding to her husband Alex and Beth was there on the day styling and dressing her, as she has done so many times before!


Liane suffers from alopecia and during the pandemic made the difficult decision to shave her head.  This is her first photo shoot that has been done without her wig.  We believe that Liane’s beauty goes way beyond her hair and are honored that she agreed to do this shoot with us. You can follow her journey with alopecia and her advocacy for others who have the disease on @thehairlossconfidant on Instagram!  We have always admired Liane for her strength, beauty and her fierce support of those she cares about.  She has truly exemplified all of these qualities on her current journey! 


On the right we have the glowing Maggie! Maggie first modeled for TWD when she was in high school.  At that time she was an up-and-coming model. We have worked with Maggie several times over the years for TWD campaigns and shoots. We love to see the beautiful, kind, and successful woman that she has become!



 On the left,, we have the breathtaking Brittany! We met Brittany 2020 when she answered an Instagram casting call for a plus-size model.  When we met her, we knew that there was no coincidence in her dm’ing us…we were meant to know her! Brittany is an advocate for black youth and for body positivity for women.  We love her energy, her spirit, and her ability to light up a room with her smile. We were honored to sponsor Brittany in the 2021 Ms. Full-Figured USA At -Large pageant, which she won!


On the right, we have the gorgeous Brynn! TWD owner, Beth met Brynn through the Maggie Agency, a Boston-based modeling agency that she frequently works with.  Brynn modeled for a branding campaign that we shot at Bishops Orchard. When she was willing to change in a pop up tent in the middle of a field, we knew she was our girl!  We adore working with Brynn!



Keep scrolling to see some amazing photos from the BELONG shoot!



Thank you Byrnn, Brittany, Allie, Liane, and Maggie for representing us so well over the years and for being part of this very special and meaningful shoot! ⁠