Bridal Market Trend Recap 2022

Bridal Market Trend Recap 2022

Bridal Market Trend Recap 2022. Mobile Image

Apr 21, 2022

Just two weeks ago we had the privilege of attending 2022 Bridal Fashion Week in New York City!


During that week, we were able to visit several different showrooms of designers we carry at the White Dress by the shore and even a couple we don't! Each designer  showcased their newest designs from their Spring/Summer 2023 collection for bridal stores across the country to see.


After three days of everything bridal, we curated a list of trends we noticed across the designers! We were also able to pick out a few trends we predict will start fully emerging within the bridal fashion world in the coming year. We also noticed an interesting number of trends that will be carrying over into the new year.


Keep reading to get all the information you need about what we saw at 2022 New York Bridal Market and  to see several wedding gowns we already have in store that match these trends!





Slits by far were the biggest trend we saw at bridal market this year! Slits were added to all different fabrics and styles across every designer and we are totally here for it! We love a slit to provide some extra drama or even just for a bride getting married in the summer in search of a gown that is breathable! Sometimes a slit can even be added to a gown depending on where the seam is but there is no shortage of slits in current and upcoming bridal fashion. On the left was one of our bridal market faves from Justin Alexander Signature with an adorable mini skirt underneath the slit! On the right is our brand new gown M.P. from Antonio Gual. A gown that was specifically designed with our boutique in mind! 





Architectural Necklines: 


Who doesn't love a structured bodice! Architectural necklines offer an interesting twist to a strapless gown. They offer a touch of dimension and often offer coverage to the pesky armpit area that no woman likes to see! On the left, we see a beautiful blush gown by Chosen by Kyra with a scoop neck into the architectural pointed sides. On the right is one of the many gowns we have in store that follow this trend! Quice by Ines Di Santo is a ballgown with a beautiful architectural neckline with amazing visible boning to keep it supported. 





Strapless Gowns:


Strapless gowns have come and gone through the years of bridal fashion but this year at New York Bridal Market there were a plethora of stunning strapless gowns! Over the years, we have grown our collection of strapless gowns. We love strapless gowns, as they are a blank canvas to create all different looks. As seen on the left, many designers are choosing to add "swag straps" to a strapless gown to give them a little extra "something"!

On the left, we see a sleek satin gown by Jenny Yoo featuring swag straps! On the right, we see one of our strapless gowns, Elizabeth from our private label collection, paired with a Justin Alexander beaded bodysuit! 







Sleeves are also a trend that has come and gone in bridal fashion but at this bridal market, we saw every type of sleeve imaginable! Billowy sleeves, crepe sleeves, lace sleeves, detachable sleeves, and more! Pictured on the left is a Justin Alexander Signature crepe gown with beautiful sleek sleeves perfect for a bride looking for a more modest but modern look! On the right, we have one of our current store favorites, Frances by Watters, a fit to flare lace gown with a high neck and delicately beaded Chantilly lace sleeves.  These two gowns are the perfect example of how brides with all different silhouettes can make sleeves work!






We LOVE overskirts because they give two different looks in one gown! If you're a bride who wants a ceremony and reception look but don't want to buy two wedding dresses, an overskirt is perfect for you!! Overskirts can give you the dramatic train you are wanting for walking down the aisle and rather than having to bustle the train and carry it all night, you can just remove it! On the left is a Justin Alexander Signature square neck with a fuller simple floral appliqued overskirt. On the right is what we have here in-store! A Jenny Yoo square neckline gown paired with an Untamed Petals pearl removable overskirt! 




Handpainted Gowns:

 Handpainted gowns are new to the bridal scene and making a huge statement! Pictured on the left is an Ines Di Santo blue handpainted gown from bridal market. Handpainted gowns are special because it is basically like having a custom gown, as no two will be exactly the same!


While we don't currently have anything in-store that is handpainted, we do have styles that mimic the aesthetic

On the right, we have Abernathy by Jenny Yoo with large floral applique almost mimicking the handpainted style!








During bridal market, we picked up on some trends we believe will begin to blossom in later collections but we saw touches of at this market.

(Left to right)

Headpieces, Corset Bodices, and Column gowns


We can't wait to share these with you in the Fall of 2022 when they arrive!