Bridesmaid Dress Shopping in Connecticut

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping in Connecticut. Mobile Image

Jan 10, 2018

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping in Connecticut

We are honored to be one of the best places for bridesmaid dress shopping in Connecticut. 

We want to share the top 6 reasons why you should shop bridesmaids at The White Dress by The Shore! 

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping in Connecticut

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1. Work with trained & knowledgeable stylists 

The stylists at The White Dress by The Shore provide a one-on-one experience and help you find the perfect look for not only you, but the entire bridal party for your wedding day.  They work with each party individually to select styles, colors and patterns that reflect the aesthetic of the bride's gown and the overall feel of the wedding.  Mix and match bridesmaid dresses are all the rage; however, let's face is NOT easy to put together a curated look.  We are here to help with fact we love doing it!  

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping in Connecticut

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2. Your maids will receive a 5% discount if you bought your bridal gown with us 

When working with a bride, we don't stop at the gown choice.  We love to style her from head to toe and also work with her bridal party to ensure a cohesive and gorgeous story that works with the time of year and the venue.  As a thank you for our brides trusting us to work with their party, we grant a 5% discount on bridesmaid dresses if the bride purchased her gown through us. 

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping in Connecticut

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3.  Enjoy your appointment in our private bridesmaids atelier, Chic by The Shore 

We are fortune to be the only boutique in Connecticut that provides a separate, dedicated shopping space for bridesmaids.  Once you have found your gown, it is time to focus on your maids.  We have created a private environment dedicated solely to bridesmaid dress shopping.


4. We exclusively carry designers in our bridesmaid atelier  

We are honored to carry several bridesmaid designers that aren't offered anywhere else in the state.  View our bridesmaid designers here. 

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping in Connecticut

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5. Gather your girls and book a private Bridesmaids Soiree

If you are interested in an extra special bridesmaid shopping experience, then gather your girls and get your chic on!  We offer a private shopping experience for your maids in our bridesmaid studio, chic by the shore.  Your party will have the entire atelier to themselves for a 2 hours of shopping and fun!  While they work with a dedicated stylist to select the perfect dresses, they will sip mimosas and enjoy delicious cupcakes.  At the end of the appointment, they will receive a 5% discount off of their dress and a sweet swag bag! 

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping in Connecticut

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6.  Bridesmaid Wishlist 

We offer the convenience of shopping online with the benefit of still being able to work with our stylists by offering our bridesmaid wishlist.  Brides visit the boutique to work with one of our stylists on selecting the perfect dresses for their maids.  They then add the styles that they want their party to wear into the Wishlist on our website and email the link to their bridesmaids.  Through that link, maids are able to select the style, color and size, complete our policy form and pay for their dress.  The dresses will be delivered to our boutique after they have been produced by the designer. We do offer shipping if needed. 

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping in Connecticut


Ring us at 860.669.4596  or Click Here to book your bridesmaids appointment with one of our stylists in chic by the shore, our bridesmaid atelier!

xoxo, TWD