Cage Veils revisited by Justin & Mary Marantz

Cage Veils revisited by Justin & Mary Marantz . Mobile Image

Feb 28, 2012

 Birdcage veils have been en vogue for some time.  I had the vision to show brides stunning new versions of the concept and enlisted some fabulous talents for the shoot.  Justin and Mary Marantz, Jennie Fresa and Terri Coon helped to take my vision to the next level and I think the results speak for the themselves!  Stay tuned to the blog for our commentary on each of these looks as well as Jennie's commentary on each of the beauty looks! Credit Reel: Photography by Justin & Mary Marantz Styling by Beth Chapman of The White Dress by the shore Beauty by Jennie Fresa of Jennie Fresa Makeup and Skincare Boutiquerie Hair by Terri Coon of Timothy Pamment Salon Fashion Looks By: Look 1: David Fielden gown,  Blush by Kristina Eaton Headpiece, Maria Elena Earring Look 2: Modern Trousseau gown,  Blush by Kristina Eaton Headpiece Look 3:  Amsale gown Look 4: David Fielden gown, Kristina Eaton Headpiece Look 5: Amsale gown, Bijou Van Ness cap, Maria Elena Jewels Look 6: Amsale gown, Maria Elena jewels ,Custom Cage Veil by The White Dress by the shore Look 7:  Amy Kuschel gown, A couture Headpiece Looks 8/9: Amy Kuschel gown,  Bijou  Van Ness Headpiece, Maria Elena earring Look 10: Modern Trousseau gown, Kristina Eaton headpiece, Maria Elena earring Look 11: David Fielden gown, Bijou Van Ness headpiece Look 12: Amsale gown, Maria Elena Earring Look 12/13- Amsale Gown,  Custom Veil by The White Dress by the shore
xoxo, TWD