Cheers to 10 Years of White Carpet Appointments at The White Dress by the shore

Cheers to 10 Years of White Carpet Appointments at The White Dress by the shore

Cheers to 10 Years of White Carpet Appointments at The White Dress by the shore. Mobile Image

May 15, 2020



Cheers to 10 Years of White Carpet Appointments at The White Dress by the shore 

& to many, many more!


We are so proud and excited to be celebrating 10 years of White Carpet Appointments here at The White Dress by the shore. We cannot believe how much time has flown by, with 16 years at the boutique and 10 years of White Carpet Appointments!  All these anniversaries make us reflect back on all the amazing brides we have had the pleasure to work with and all the incredible vendors that have helped us to make this luxury bridal appointment experience possible.


Since we are celebrating 10 years, we thought it would be fun to add another tier of service to our White Carpet Appointments. We are thrilled to announce that in additional to limousine service from Hunter Limo, we will now be offering the option of a videographer to be a part of your appointment!  We have teamed up with Blue Bark Media to be able to capture every moment of your wedding dress shopping on film.  A videographer will be in attendance at your appointment, along with a photographer to capture every tear, smile, hug, and special moment that you will have during this unique experience.


Learn more about our White Carpet Appointments and everything we have to offer here!


We believe every bride deserves a special and memorable bridal experience, starting with finding your dream wedding gown! And what a better way to do it than with a private and unique bridal shopping experience!


Want to gift this experience to someone? White Carpet Gift Certificates are available! 


Watch our White Carpet Video Trailer from Blue Bark Media























"I always dreamt of what my dress shopping experience would be like and The White Dress made those dreams come true (and then some!). I always envisioned shopping for the perfect wedding gown at a quaint boutique with my best gals as we sip on champs, take photos, laugh hysterically, and make memories. Even more so, a recent relocation out of state made those intentions even more important because I don't get to see my best girlfriends that often. Sure enough, I discovered The White Carpet appointment and instantly knew this was it! Not only did I find my dream wedding dress but the entire appointment was made to be so incredibly special and memorable for us all - private room, personal photographer, champs, cupcakes, and a vineyard lunch after (that they reserved for me). It was like my vision went from my dream to reality and it was the most magical day. A BIG thank you to the ladies at TWD and the wonderful photographer, Jennifer Conti, for making it happen! Happy 10 Years to The White Carpet Appointment! Here's to making more dreams come true for many more brides in the future!"

- Our White Carpet bride, Jessica


"White Carpet Appointments are sweet joy. As a photographer I believe in moments, and capturing the process of becoming a bride is just as important as being one on your wedding day. You should celebrate and enjoy your wedding planning and these beautiful experiences do exactly that. Bubbling happiness, buzzing excitement, sweet treats, and champagne. I love seeing the moment when they find the one. I get goose bumps every time. I cry right right along side everyone else. These appointments are magic and so beautiful to watch! Congrats on 10 years of making dress shopping so sweet."

- Jennifer Conti Photography


"Deciding to do a white carpet experience for my dress shopping was by far one of the best wedding related decisions Ive made so far. I was able to have everyone important to me come to the appointment, and had the boutique to myself which was very important because I had no idea what I wanted. Callan was my consultant for the day and she was amazing, and Max was quick with the treats and drinks to celebrate saying yes to the dress. I would recommend this experience to any bride, it was intimate, personal, fun and to top it off it we had photographers capture all of it. Now pictures from day are framed all over my apartment! Treat yourself brides, do the white carpet experience! I promise you, itll be one of your favorite parts of the wedding planning process!"

- Our White Carpet bride, Alex


"If you look up Experience in the dictionary it is defined as an event or occurrence that leaves an impression on someone. It doesnt have to be continual, it is one moment in time that you can remember forever. When you book a White Carpet Experience you are booking a special moment in time that will leave an impression in your memory forever. The atmosphere is magical, the staff is enchanting, the dresses are dreamlike...leaving you with an experience youve only ever heard about in fairytales. And you deserve that moment because this is your dream wedding."

- Walker Studio LLC


xo, The TWD Lovelies


Photo credits: Jennifer Conti Photography, Walker Stuido LLC & Abigail Scott Photography