Chromatic Gallerie Colorful Wedding Shoes

Chromatic Gallerie Colorful Wedding Shoes. Mobile Image

May 30, 2013

chromatic-gallerie-the-white-dress-by-the-shore-1 We're bringing in a guest designer for our month-long shoe event! Chromatic Gallerie is a unique company that offers an extensive collection of heels & flats in any color (45 color choices to be exact), height, width, or print you can dream of! They are offered in leather, suede, faux fur and patent leather. And best of all they're only $88! chromatic-gallerie Below is a little Q & A with the designer!  Be sure to swing in to see these beauties and score a 10% discount off the already amazing price! Perfect for the bride who wants a pop of color, a mother, and amazing for all of your maids! 1.       What are the heel heights that you offer? We offer 2, 3 and 4 inch heels as well as flats. 051412-heelsbyheight 2.      What are widths that you offer? Narrow, medium and wide 3.      Is there one style that comes in the different, heights, widths and materials? All styles come in 2, 3 and 4 inch heels, 3 widths and all color/material combinations. chromatic-gallerie-the-white-dress-by-the-shore 4.      What is your leadtime? We currently carry inventory for our round toe pumps. If the product is new or out of stock, it can take between 1-3 months to receive them. 5.      What is the leadtime for prints?  What is the process for prints? The lead time for prints is the same as regular shoes. To order prints, we will need high-resolution images of the prints. Custom prints are also priced higher than solid colors. 6.      How many colors do you offer per material. It varies. We have "Forever Colors" that will always be available and "Seasonal Colors" that are limited and change from Spring to Fall. Our colors and materials are color/material combinations and change with the season. In the Spring, we have more patent leathers and in the fall we have more suedes and matte leathers. chrom3  

xoxo, TWD