costa rica baby!

costa rica baby!

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Apr 07, 2010

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My latest photo shoot adventure is in the beautiful country of Costa Rica. As a result of our New Orleans shoot, we were approached by stay in costa, an organization that represents the top resorts in Costa Rica. They asked us to come and put together a wedding photo shoot that they could use for their marketing (and that we can use for ours as well). I am with some of the top talents in the bridal industry~ Candice of Jubilee Events, Carla Teneyck, Datura a modern garden, Mike of Buzz Media and DD Nickel.

We will be shooting over the course of two days. The first day we are shooting a mock wedding on a black sand beach- complete with a calypso band! The second day, we are shooting in the rain forest amongst the amazing foliage of this beautiful country. The inspiration board for the shoots is above.

Stay in costa knows how to do things right and has put us up in an amazing home set on the grounds of Los Suneos Resort. The 'villa' that we are staying in is like nothing I have experienced. It is called La Casa de Suenos (the house of dreams) and it is truly that- and then some! You must click the link to check it out! It is MTV cribs on steroids! We have our own pool with swim up bar, showers that can fit 10 people in them and our own private chef! I could get used to this!

Stay tuned for photos of the finished product! It is sure to be amazing with this dream team!


xoxo, TWD