Feature Friday: Kristin & Alex Tie the Knot with Polka Dots

Feature Friday: Kristin & Alex Tie the Knot with Polka Dots. Mobile Image

Jul 19, 2013

  It has been almost 6 weeks since we lost our friend and colleague, Eric Langlois of Raw Photo Design.  As this wedding was one of our favorites, we were holding onto it to show at just the right time.  Just the right time is now.  Ericâs talent as a photographer was incomparable. But, beyond that, he was also hilarious and full of life.  We think this wedding embodies all of Ericâs qualities.  We love his use of light in these images, but he also captured the fun,  whimsy and emotion of the day- perfectly.  Thank you for your talent and your fun, Eric.  You will be missedâ¦â¦ 01_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 02_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 03_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 04_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 05_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 06_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 07_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 08_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 09_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 10_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 12_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 13_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 14_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 15_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 16_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 17_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 18_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 19_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 20_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 21_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 22_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 23_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 24_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 25_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 27_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 28_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 29_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 30_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 31_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 32_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 33_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 35_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 36_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 37_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 40_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 41_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 42_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 43_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 45_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 48_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1 50_polkadot_wedding_black_white_ct1   Kristin & Alex were wed last year at the gorgeous Lord Thompson Manor in Thompson, CT. The joy and whimsy of these images is a testament to Raw Photo as well as the love between this incredible couple. The color palate of deep red, black and white is a breath of fresh air and shows off that this bride truly had vision. This was further solidified with the parties attire shopping experience- Kristin chose a show stoping custom lace creation with gorgeous tulle back detail by Modern Trousseau. She then put her palate to work choosing gorgeous Ivy & Aster maids dresses in a deep red and flower girl frocks by the same designer in a polka dot pattern. The mannor was the perfect backdrop to highlight this couples unique details- we can't get enough of those geranimo ballons, polka dot table cloth and incredible floral arrangements. Kristin & Alex we can feel the love (and Eric's passion for capturing it) radiating through these images- Congratulations! To support Ericâs family, donations can be made to the Langlois Family Fund. Credit Reel: Photography: Raw Photo Design   Gown: The White Dress by the Shore, designed by Modern Trousseau  Bridesmaid and Flower Girl Dresses: The White Dress by the shore, designed by Ivy & Aster  Shoes: Badgley Mishka  Floral + Event Design: Jackie of Lord Thompson Manor  Beauty: Kiss Spa of The Cottage House  Reception Venue and Catering: The Lord Thomspon Manor Brides Lodgning and 'Getting Ready' Location:  The Cottage House in Thompson, CT    

xoxo, TWD