Feature Friday: Regan's White Carpet Appointment

Feature Friday: Regan's White Carpet Appointment. Mobile Image

Dec 19, 2014

There's no denying that White Carpet brides hold a special place in our heart, so we are thrilled to share Regan's appointment with you! This adorable Georgia native visited our boutique with one goal in mind - to find the perfect gown! She brought two of her closest friends and her future mother-in-law with her, and she skyped with her mom and sister the entire time while the group enjoyed a cheese platter and bubbly! Not only did the group of ladies have fun watching Regan try on dresses, but they also helped her find the wedding gown of her dreams! Fleur de Lys Floral Company provided Regan with a gorgeous bouquet that she took home with her along with a fabulous SWAG bag, and Alison Lassiter captured all of the special moments! Scroll below to take a peek at the precious images! REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-1 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-4 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-9 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-13 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-14 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-16 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-17 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-21 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-23 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-24 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-28 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-30 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-31 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-32 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-38 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-44 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-46 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-47 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-48 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-49 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-50 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-51 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-55 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-56 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-58 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-60 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-62 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-65 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-66 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-95 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-96 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-102 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-104 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-106 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-108 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-109 REGAN_WHITE-CARPET-110 If you would like to book your own White Carpet Appointment, give us a ring at 860.669.4596! We can't wait to hear from you!

xoxo, TWD