Featured Designer: Hayley Paige

Featured Designer: Hayley Paige. Mobile Image

Oct 01, 2013

It is our pleasure to introduce to you our latest designer- Hayley Paige! We will receiving our stock gowns in November but we simply cannot wait another month to share them with you. The gowns below will be making a guest appliance at the boutique during the month of October, and to celebrate, we are offering them at a 10% discount off of their original price. Hayley's gowns are described as 'fresh, lively, confident and feminine'- and we couldn't agree more! We love her charming silhouettes and feel they make the perfect addition to our curated collection of designer gowns! Read on for more information about the designer behind this beautiful brand...   hayley-paige-logo1 hayleypage "Hayley Paige, made a jump start in fashion by interning for Nina Garcia at Elle magazine while attending Cornell University. She went on to work in ready-to-wear for Jill Stuart after receiving honorary attention for her 10-piece bridal collection shown during her graduating year. Eventually, her dedication to all things creative led to designing and styling abroad where she developed an appreciation for European influences. Paige established herself as an integral designer for the Melissa Sweet bridal and bridesmaid collections and was the primary designer behind the first Marchesa Eterna bridal collection at Priscilla of Boston. Her contributions can be found in highly sought-after bridal publications, as well as nation-wide bridal boutiques. Ever so eclectic, her designs capture a romantic and charming aesthetic that balances inner ingénue and sophistication. Her interpretation of worldly influences and desire to dress hopeful romantics, have provided a foundation for a fanciful and fresh take on bridal wear. Never taking herself too seriously and fully embracing the adorning history of the bridal industry, Hayley Paige develops her craft from an inspirational place of appreciation and enjoyment." Come see the worldly charm and fanciful beauty of these gowns for yourself at the boutique! Ring us at 860.669.4596 to make an appointment!  

xoxo, TWD