Featured: One Dress, 4 Ways- Jennie Fresa's Beauty Tutorials

Featured: One Dress, 4 Ways- Jennie Fresa's Beauty Tutorials

Featured: One Dress, 4 Ways- Jennie Fresa's Beauty Tutorials . Mobile Image

Nov 11, 2011

As promised, we are thrilled to provide our readers with the makeup tutorials from last week's 'One dress, 4 ways' post. Our wonderful neighbor and makeup maven, Jennie Fresa was on hand to beautify! Below she offers up her expertise on how to put on a face for a bridal shower, work day, a bridesmaid look and a night out on the town!

Hello ladies!  I had such a blast collaborating on this photo shoot with the gals over at The White Dress by the Shore last week!  I thought it would be fun to put together a little makeup tutorial for each of these gorgeous looks!  So, here we go! Bridal Shower Makeup: For the bridal shower, I wanted to create a day-time appropriate look that felt more special than everyday makeup but still had a natural, playful quality to it. Hereâs what youâll need: Tinted Moisturizer Concealer Pressed Powder Champagne eye Shadow Rose blush Eye Lash Curler Clear Brow gel Black Mascara Lipgloss  (shades of pink) Sponges 3 brushes: large powder, blush and fluffy eye shadow)  Steps: 1.) Even out skin with an oil-free tinted moisturizer, use concealer only where needed. 2.) Using a large powder brush, set with pressed powder. 3.) Apply rose blush on the apples of the cheeks. (smile and youâll find your apples) 4.) Swipe champagne shadow all over entire eye lid. 6.) Use clear brow gel comb brows up and set in place. 7.) Use lash curler to give lashes a little extra lift. 8.) Apply black mascara 9.) Swipe on a punchy shade of pink lip gloss!

Work Day Makeup: First consider your line of work.  Those who work in the beauty of fashion industry might get away with a more of a trendy makeup look.  I love how this outfit is professional yet edgy so I wanted to follow through with the makeup. Hereâs what youâll need: Foundation Concealer Black Gel Liner A neutral color blush Nude Lip Liner Tawny Gloss Black Mascara 2 brushes: angle eye liner brush & blush brush Sponges Steps: 1.) Use foundation to smooth out skin, starting in the center of face and blending out. 2.) Dab a creamy concealer under your eyes and on any blemishes, using fingers. 3.) Dust a neutral blush on cheek bones. 4.) Using an angle brush and black gel liner, line across the top lids only, extending the liner just slightly past the edge of your eye. 5.) Apply black mascara 6.) Use nude liner to line and fill in lips 7.) Apply tawny gloss to center of lips.

Bridesmaid Makeup Longevity is most important with makeup for any special occasion!   Having the right tools and using waterproof formulas is key!  This look is defined for photographs yet still soft and romantic. Hereâs what youâll need: Primer Foundation/Concealer/Powder Gray Shadows Charcoal Shadow Liner & tawny shadow liner Brow pencil or shadow Black waterproof mascara Pink Blush Raspberry lipstick and gloss Blotting papers Sponges Individual false lashes, glue & tweezers 5 brushes: Large powder, foundation/concealer brush, blush brush & eye shadow brush. Steps: 1.) On clean, unmoisturized skin, apply primer to t-zone and blend out. 2.) Use concealer to cover dark circles and any blemishes. 3.) Apply oil-free foundation and set with powder 4.) Give your cheeks a nice flush by using a little more blush than normal. 5.) Fill in brows. 6.) Apply a sheer pewter shadow to eye lids ( you might want to use an eye base to keep shadow from creasing). 7.) Using an angle brush, apply a charcoal liner to the top lashes. 8.) Go softer on the bottom liner--I prefer a topaz or brown liner for the bottom. 9.) Apply 2 coats of black waterproof mascara 10.) Using the tweezer to hold individual lashes, carefully place one lash at a time to the outside corners of each eye. 11.) Finish with long-wearing lipstick and gloss.

Night Out Makeup: This look is all about the drama!  This amazing vintage-feather stole set the tone for some major glamour, so I went for it! Hereâs what youâll need: Foundation/Concealer/Powder Luminizing Powder Midnight blue shadows Black kohl pencil Black mascara Strip False Lashes, tweezer & glue. Bronzer Red Matte Lipstick Same 5 brushes as in âbridesmaid❠makeup) Steps: 1.) Even out skin with foundation and concealer & set with powder 2.) Use bronzer as blush and then all-over for an extra pop of color. 3.) Apply Luminizing powder to brow bone & high cheek bones. 4.) Using deep hues of blue, swipe color from lower lid up into the crease. 5.) Use black kohl pencil to fill in the waterline (inside of bottom lid). 6.) Apply 2 coats of black mascara. 7.) Apply strip lashes (may have to cut to fit). 8.) Finish with matte red lipstick.   I hope you enjoyed the tutorials!  Iâm always available to answer any of your beauty questions!  Please contact me at jennie@jenniefresa.com.  I look forward to hearing from you!  Until next time.... XO, Jennie



xoxo, TWD