Frequently Asked Wedding Dress Shopping Questions During Health Crisis

Frequently Asked Wedding Dress Shopping Questions During Health Crisis. Mobile Image

Apr 15, 2020

frequently asked questions about wedding dress shopping during covid 19


We've had a lot of frequently asked wedding dress shopping questions, amid this Health Crisis.  With everything currently going on the way our brides have to go about shopping for their wedding dress is a little bit different, but a new normal for the time being.  Here at The White Dress we want to make sure we are here for our brides no matter what.

To help answer your questions to get through this time successfully, TWD owner Beth Chapman talked with the Knot to discuss all your concerns about shopping for your wedding dress during this time.  All frequently asked wedding dress shopping questions regarding social distancing, alterations, your gown, timeframe and postponements, answered!

We dont want anyone to panic, because there will always be an option, Beth Chapman says. Brides need to also show themselves grace in this situation. Whats exciting about weddings these days is there are no rules. Especially in this situation where all those preconceived notions will go out the window. You should wear what you love. Wear it for whatever type of ceremony and wedding that youre having.


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