Frequently Asked Questions: Part 1

Frequently Asked Questions: Part 1. Mobile Image

Sep 30, 2011

At The White Dress by the shore we aim to make the experience of shopping for your gown as memorable as the day you wear it. With that said, we understand that bridal gown shopping may be a brand new venture full of questions. The bridal industry works a little differently from the rest of the fashion world and the intention of this 'Frequently Asked Questions Series' is to help make your experience all the more clear, relaxing and joyful. Feel free to email us at or ring us at the shop 860.669.4596 with any further questions, we are happy to help! photo credit Scandavian Photography 1.       What is the time frame for purchasing a bridal gown, a mother of the occasion gown, a brides maids dress, accessories?
  • The ideal time to purchase your bridal gown is 9 months before the date of your wedding to allow time for production and alterations.
  • Rush orders can most likely be accommodated at an additional fee.
  • If you're short on time you can always purchase a sample gown to avoid the ordering process all together-  Check our sample sale page!
  • A Mother of the Occasion gown should be purchased a minimum of 5 months  before the wedding date to allow time for production and alterations.
photo credit Abbey Scott
  • Bridesmaids dresses should be purchased at least 6 months before the wedding date to allow time for production and alterations. For more details on ordering dresses for a bridal party, take a look at our attendants ordering page.
photo credit Steve Depino
  • Accessories (shoes, veil, jewels, etc.)  should be ordered at least a month before the date of the wedding.
2.      What is a trunk show?
  • During a trunk show one designer lends us samples from their collection to allow our brides to see the full breadth of their collection.
  • The designer or a company representative is usually on hand to aid you in the selection of the perfect look for you.
  • As an incentive to purchase at the trunk show, brides are offered a discount off of the original price of the gown or accessory.
  • Be sure to check The Blushing Blog frequently for news about upcoming trunk shows and other great events!
3.      Whats' to expect at a sample sale?
  • The White Dress by the shore organizes two sample sales per year although samples are available year round. Check our sample sale page!
  • During a sample sale all the gowns are available for purchase "off the rack".
  • The advantage of purchasing during a sample sale is that you save 10% off the already discounted prices.
  • Please read our Sample Sale Guidlines which further explain what to expect during one of these events.
4.      Can I purchase a gown from you if you donât carry the designer?
  • Gowns and accessories can only be purchased from the collections we currently carry. For a full list of these collections please visit the collections portion of our website.
5. How does bridal sizing differ from my normal dress size?
  • Your 'bridal' size may differ 1-2 sizes up from your normal dress size. While this may not seem to make much sense, dont worry, it is just industry standard.
  • For example, if you normally wear a size 6 you may wear a bridal size 8 or 10.
  • When purchasing your gown the size ordered will be reflective of your largest measurement- this is to ensure that we have a great fit in that area; your gown will be sculpted to fit your body during your alterations.
6.      How do I purchase a gown if I donât fit into the sample in the store?
  • We usually sample our gowns in bridal size 8-12.
  • With that said, we do have a variety of gorgeous gowns in sizes 16-20 as well as some smaller sizes.
  • Keep in mind that when trying on these gowns you are mostly likely not trying on the size you will order- this requires a bit of vision but believe us, we have a few tricks of the trade.
photo credit Alissa Dineen

xoxo, TWD