Frequently Asked Questions: Part 2

Frequently Asked Questions: Part 2. Mobile Image

Oct 05, 2011

At The White Dress by the shore we aim to make the experience of shopping for your gown as memorable as the day you wear it. With that said, we understand that bridal gown shopping may be a brand new venture full of questions. The bridal industry works a little differently from the rest of the fashion world and the intention of this âFrequently Asked Questions Seriesâ is to help make your experience all the more clear, relaxing and joyful. Feel free to email us at or ring us at the shop 860.669.4596 with any further questions, we are happy to help! 1.       What do I need at my first fitting?
  • Bring the shoes you plan on wearing the day of your wedding. The hem is often pinned in the initial fitting so it is vital that your shoes are available. Don't forget, we have a great shoe selection in our shop.
  • Bring all undergarments you plan on wearing the day of your wedding.  Beneath the Gown can provide you with the ideal undergarments to suit you and your wedding dress- and you need look no further than under the same roof, Beneath the Gown is can be found in the same location at The White Dress by the shore- 104 E. Main St. Clinton, CT .  Owner, Josie Jolon  can be reached for a consultation at 860-304-7399.
2.      What is the average cost of alterations at your boutique and what goes into the price?
  • Our in house alterations services are à la carte, therefore we only charge for the work that needs to be done to the garment.
  • Because of the superior level of service that we provide during our fittings and the amount of time that is spent with each gown, both during the fittings and in the sewing process, our alterations fees average as follows (note: these are only estimates, as we only charge for those alterations that need to be done to the gown):
  • Bridal gowns $550-$800
  • Bridal alternatives $300- $500
  • Bridesmaids $125 average
  • Mother of the occasion $150-$200
  • Our alterations take place during store hours on Thursdays (12 pm-8 pm) and Fridays (10 am- 5 pm)
  • The fee for your all of your alterations is charged during your first fitting, before any work is done to the gown.
  • If our cost estimates are outside of your budget or your schedule does not correspond with our days for fittings, we have developed a network of reputable seamstresses to whom we can refer you, that may be better able to accommodate your schedule and budget.
  • We are happy to have one of our in-house seamstresses provide you with a complimentary estimate for alterations once your gown arrives. **please note that this would take place separately from your 1st fitting.
  • For more information as to what goes into each fitting please reference our 'What's Next' form.
3.      What is a bustle and how is it secured?
  • A bustle is the way your gown's train is lifted off the ground for ease of movement during your reception.
  • There are a few options when it comes to selecting the style of your bustle. The following video acts as a clear demonstration on how to secure our most popular style, the french bustle.
4.      What should I do with wedding gown after the wedding?
  • We realize that your gown is an investment and we wish to help you protect that investment.
  • We offer an exceptional service that will clean and preserve your gown after your wedding.
  • There is a savings of $75 if this service is purchased before the wedding occurs.
  • For more information please reference our Gown Cleaning and Preservation Page.

xoxo, TWD