Bridal Undergarments: "The perfect fit starts with the perfect foundation"

Bridal Undergarments: "The perfect fit starts with the perfect foundation". Mobile Image

May 08, 2013

It's nearly mid May, and at The White Dress by the shore that means we are beginning to enter the height of our alterations season. The most important item that you can have at your fitting is the proper undergarment for your gown.   Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 12.48.09 PMImage by Alissa Dineen   The key to a perfect garment fit is the proper foundation. As we always say, "they call it a foundation for a reason", as a well fitting bra and undergarments are essential to creating a perfect fit. If your gown is strapless, backless, heavy or very light weight ,your undergarment will need to make up for the elements your gown may lack. Your wedding gown and your choice of undergarments "support" each other (pun intended)!  Selecting your undergarments is as important as selecting the perfect gown. It is essential to take the time to be fitted for your undergarments prior to your first fitting.  If you do not have the proper undergarment at your fitting, we may not be able to proceed with your alterations, as the undergarment has a drastic effect on  the fit of your gown. In order to ensure that you have the proper fit for your body and the gown that you have chosen,  speak to us at the The White Dress by the shore or we reccomend that you visit Josie and Heidi at Beneath the Gown in downtown Branford. Beneath the gown was once located within our boutique, but has since moved to a larger location.  BTG offers  an exceptional selection of lingerie and foundations. Josie, a seamstress herself, is an expert in garment fit and construction. She is able to asses your needs and find the bra that will work best for you and your gown.  She also customizes her pieces to ensure the perfect fit! Ring her at 860.304.7399 to book an appointment. If you are comfortable, you may pick up your gown from us and bring it to Josie to try on with undergarments in her space.  If that is not possible, just bring her a picture- she'll know what to do! Below are some examples of bra silhouettes that our clients choose  (all styles carried at Beneath the Gown).  Our first choice for under your gown or your mother of the occasion dress, if the style allows, is a long line bustier.  We find that this silhouette provides brides and moms with the proper support that they need and creates a smooth line under the gown.  If you are not a 'bra person' and have an A or B cup, then we can either sew cups into your gown or you may select a self adhesive bra, like the one pictured below. beneaththegown   For further information about the alterations process, take a peek at this Frequently Asked Questions Post or ring us at the boutique- 860.669.4596.  

xoxo, TWD