How Engagement Ring Style Determines Gown Choice...

How Engagement Ring Style Determines Gown Choice.... Mobile Image

Jul 12, 2013

You have a style that is all your own. It's how you convey to others who you are. And because your sweetie knows you so well, in most cases your engagement ring will reflect your taste and personality. For example, if you have a modern sensibility with a love for clean lines and architectural details then your ring will most likely have a similar feel. If you have a eclectic, artsy side  your ring will have a delicate, uniquely bohemian vibe that makes it your own. If you would describe your style as classic, your ring may have a Tiffany cut and use your grandmothers vintage stone. And if you would describe yourself as a true romantic, your ring will most likely have darling details and a rose gold hue. To take this further, it can't be denied that your ring style usually sets the tone for how you wish to look and feel overall on your wedding day. This is a discussion we have with most of our brides.  We love talking about rings and engagement stories and we find that more often than not, the bride wants to make sure that the gown ties in with the feel of her ring,  as it is a reflection of who she is (and who she loves). Our boutique offers a wide variety of gowns, and in working with one of our expert stylists you are sure to find the one that is perfectly 'you'. Scroll below for our take on how your wedding ring choice translates into finding the right gown at our boutique! modern-engagement-ring-amsale-harbor   If you ring looks something like the one above (found here), then we would suggest pairing it with a dress that is equally modern. The Amsale 'Harbor' gown makes a statement without being over the top- we love its clean lines and one shoulder detail. The shape is minimal, yet sexy.   eclectic-engagement-ring-ivy-aster-poesy If your ring has a uniquely natural feel like this one (found on one of our favorite online shops,, we would suggest that your dress will also have an organic, ethereal vibe that reflects your individuality. We love Ivy & Aster's 'Poesy' gown as it is not your typical wedding dress. The lovely cotton lace and low back make it something to talk about, while the sheath silhouette keeps the focus on you. classic-engagement-ring-rivini-amore If your ring style is completely classic like this traditional Tiffany cut (found on then your gown too, will be a reflection of that. We have selected one of newest styles from Rivini, 'Aurora'. She totally fits the bill as a classic New England bride's dream dress- the silhouette and details work perfectly in a formal setting. romantic-engagement-ring-modern-trousseau-finnley If your ring has a peachy champagne stone surrounded by diamonds, like this beauty (found on none other than,, then you will most likely be looking for a dress to reflect the beautiful hue and ultra-romantic feeling your ring evokes. Modern Trousseau's 'Finnley' gown is the perfect match! Her blush lining, intricate lace pattern and alluring silhouette says romance all around!   We hope you enjoyed our engagement ring and gown pairings! If you are looking for the 'perfect match' be sure to 'give us a ring' to book your appointment- 860.669.4596.  

xoxo, TWD