How to Style a Jumpsuit!

How to Style a Jumpsuit!

How to Style a Jumpsuit!. Mobile Image

Mar 20, 2015

Recently, our friends at Donna Morgan asked TWD owner and stylist, Beth Chapman to style one of their jumpsuits for their blog. Beth stepped in front of the camera to show us how versatile a jumpsuit can be by styling a fabulous one six different ways. Scroll through the looks below and see what she has to say about accessories, wardrobe staples, bridesmaids dresses, and more! vXtNIGmRUsWy1uzNrjsJt3c0FQx6LWiJahR6q_5Vstk,EhTLtDOQCl7gWlmCMaDJEyPC2DBHh97zmN-cXsXvs6k

Jumpsuit- Donna Morgan,  Shoes- Nine West


Look 2 (Sunday brunch): Jumpsuit- Donna Morgan,  Necklace- Aquinnah Jewelry, Belt- ASOS,  Shoes- J.Crew, Clutch- Vintage


Look 3 (Out to Dinner): Jumpsuit- Donna Morgan, Necklaces- J. Crew, Belt- ASOS,  Motorcycle Jacket- Tahari, Shoes- Vince Camuto


Look 4 (Off to Work): Jumpsuit- Donna Morgan, Necklace- Aquinnah Jewelry, Sweater- J. Crew, Bag- Hermes, Shoes- Nine West


Look 5 (Bridal Shower): Jumpsuit- Donna Morgan, Floral Jacket- Target, Shoes- Two Lips, Sunglasses- Ray Ban


Look 6 (Cocktail Party): Jumpsuit- Donna Morgan, Earrings- provided by stylist, Beaded Striped Jacket- Ann Taylor,  Shoes- Nine West

Photography: Jeremie Barlow, Beauty: Jennie Fresa 

Donna Morgan: We love how cleverly you styled your Donna Morgan jumpsuit for so many occasions!  What makes an item versatile?  What should we be looking for when shopping for a versatile piece? A versatile piece is one that can easily work with many other items in your wardrobe.  It is something that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion.   People think that a versatile piece has to be a basic staple or a solid color.  That is not necessarily the case.  The rule is that if you can wear it with at least 3 other items in your wardrobe, than it is versatile! Donna Morgan: Accessories are key to any outfit transformation.  What are the five âcanât live withoutâ accessories in your wardrobe? I LOVE accessories!  They can transform the entire look of an outfit.  I donât think I can pick just 5! My âcanât live withoutâ accessories are always changing depending on the season!  For fall/winter they were my animal print flats, my fur vest and my camel colored leather booties.  For spring, I am currently loving my neon pink heels, anything printed and floral and my leather motorcycle jacket. Donna Morgan: From a fashion house executive in NYC to a business-owning wife and mother of two, how has your personal style changed?  What aspects of your personal style have stayed the same? I have always had a classic/preppy sensibility (a hybrid of Kate Spade, J. Crew and Carolina Herrera).  I love to get dressed up - in fact, I am known for being overdressed.  But, my motto is that you can never be too overdressed!  I think as I get older and I am busy with the kids, the boutique, and styling, comfort has become more important to me. I tend to gravitate more toward wedges and flats vs. 4❠stilettos! Donna Morgan: Entering the professional arena, many women find themselves needing a whole new wardrobe without a large budget.  What are the âmust haveâ staples?  What are your secrets for saving on style? The basics that I think that every working woman should have in her wardrobe are:
  • A great white shirt
  • A black pencil skirt
  • A great pair of black or neutral pants
  • A colorful cardigan
  • A little black dress
  • A beautiful black pump
These pieces can all be mixed and matched with each other and dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion.  Of course, I like every woman, love a good deal! So keep your eyes out for sales.  The beginning and end of each season are the best times to get discounted prices.  My biggest tip is that when you are investing in wardrobe staples, be sure that they are good quality.  These are items that you will have for years and that you will wear over and over again.  The majority of your budget should go to these items.  Spend less on trendy items, as you will only wear them for 1-2 seasons. Donna Morgan: As your daughter becomes a teenager, does she place importance on personal style?  Have you influenced her style in any way? For a while she was all about sweatshirts and yoga pants and I was sweating it out!  But, thank goodness those days are behind us! I encourage Lindsay, and all women, to identify her own personal style and dress according to that.  Of course, she has been influenced by my style.  But, as she is getting older it is so fun to watch her own unique style emerge! Donna Morgan: You are the proprietor of one of the countryâs top bridal salons, the author of a book on wedding inspiration and a mentor with The QC Schoolâs Styling Program.  As an expert, what advice do you have for a bridesmaid wanting to get another wear out of her bridesmaid dress?  Black and Navy are easy, but what if the dress is a bright, bridesmaid-y color? Wearing a bridesmaid dress again is a challenge for sure, as you donât want to look like a bridesmaid!  I think the key is that it needs to be a short dress and you need to style it with accessories that donât look like you just stepped out of a wedding!  If is a short structured bright colored dress; perhaps pair it with a complementary colored bright pair of colored heels and a fun statement necklace.   It is a soft flowy dress; perhaps a strappy wedge sandal and a long gold necklace. Donna Morgan: Obviously, the bride is the star of the showâ¦but what can a bridesmaid do to ensure she looks her best in her dress on the big day? I love that there is trend toward mis-matched bridesmaid dresses and allowing bridesmaids to select a silhouette that flatters her figure.  My best advice for bridesmaids is to know your body type and find the silhouette that is most flattering on you.  Also, be sure to wear the proper undergarments, as they make all of the difference in the fit of the dress.  A supportive bra is key! Donna Morgan: I know itâs hard to choose⦠but of the six looks you created with your Donna Morgan jumpsuit, which is your favorite? Oh my gosh - such a hard choice!!  Because I am so looking forward to spring, I think my favorite look was the floral printed jacket, neon shoes and sunglasses!  And the best part of that look is that the jacket and shoes combined only cost about $65! Fashion Credits:

xoxo, TWD