How You Know If You Found The Gown

How You Know If You Found The Gown

How You Know If You Found The Gown. Mobile Image

May 29, 2020



That moment... the moment. you find the gown that you will be married in and start the first day of the rest of your life.  We are honored and privileged to be involved at that moment with our clients.  But, how do you know if you found the gown?


For some brides, the moment is not always definitive.  We sometimes hear from brides, "how are you supposed to know?"  How are you suppose to feel when you find "the one."  Our belief is that only YOU, the bride, can truly be the one to answer that, but we have gathered some advice from our talented stylists who have helped thousands of brides with that moment.


Beth Chapman, TWD owner:

"If you close your eyes and think about your wedding day and think about you walking down the aisle toward your fiances smiling face and you picture yourself in the gown you have on, then you know!"


Shana, Stylists:

"Mine personally was when I had dreams (or nightmares) about my wedding and I was ALWAYS wearing the same (MY) dress!"


Callan, Bridesmaids Coordinator and Stylist:

"It is so easy to get caught up between all the beautiful gown choices or maybe just in between two looks.  *Mentally* step away from the dress and picture your whole entire wedding... venue, flowers, bridesmaids, first dance with your new hubby, walking down the aisle, all those special moments... what do you picture yourself in? Dose the whole wedding and all the little details come together when you are in the gown you love?"


Michelle, Store Manager and Stylist:

"I knew it was my gown when everyone stood up when I put it on and all I could picture was my now-husband's face."


Michelle, Stylist:

"No matter if this is the wedding dress that you dreamed of or something completely different, you need to ask yourself this... do you ever want to take it off?"


Kelsey, Marketing Coordinator and Stylist:

"Picking a gown is like picking a fiance, there are so many pretty options... but when it comes down to it there is only one that you fall in love with.  Just like it was with falling in love with your fiance when you know, you just know."


Every bride has their own unique experience when it comes to finding their dream wedding gown, so the wehn of how you know if you foudn the gown is going to be anywhere from what we descrived form our own experiences to just knowing when you know! If you were to go home and type descriptors into Pinterest or into Google of wedding gowns you were looking for, what would they be?  If you would basically be desvribe the gown you are in, then you know that THIS is the gown and there is no need to keep looking.  Because ultimatley, what you are looking for has already been found!

We hope hearing these few insider tips about our experience will help you when saying yes to the dream gown!


xo, The TWD Lovelies




image: Christina Tooley Photography