Introducing: Reinvent the Veil

Introducing: Reinvent the Veil . Mobile Image

Jul 22, 2013

You may have heard of our fantastic service, Reinvent The Dress, where one of our expert seamstresses takes a vintage family heirloom and creates a modern masterpiece that fits both your shape and style. [caption id="attachment_17156" align="aligncenter" width="391"]Our former manager Alicia, in her mother's wedding gown, re-designed as a short reception dress for her 2011 wedding to husband, Enzo. Our former manager Alicia, in her mother's wedding gown, re-designed as a short reception dress for her 2011 wedding to husband, Enzo.[/caption] Recently, we have seen a greater shift toward setimentality in weddings,  and more and more of  our beloved brides are presenting us with heirloom pieces that they would like transformed for their wededing day.  In addition to vintage gowns, many of our brides have embraced the idea of  incorporating a vintage or heirloom veil into their upcoming nuptials. That  is how our 'Reinvent the Veil' service began to bloom. reinventtheveil     reiventtheveil-2   reiventtheveil-3 Penny, our head seamstress, is a true gem and designs a great deal of the boutique's custom veils, right here, in her in-house studio. She has the skill set to take your family's vintage veil and repair and transform it into something you never would have imagined it could become. This could simply be replacing your mother's 1970's 'Juliette' style capwith a more reasonable (less distracting) option, or going as far as transferring the lace from your grandmothers gown onto a new veil of your choosing. reiventtheveil-5 It is possible to change almost anything about a vintage veil- the comb, the shape, the volume at the crown, or the entire style. We can re-use vintage elements in a way that makes your veil look entirely your own, or just make a few slight repairs on a piece that you would never want to change. reiventtheveil-4 There is something so special about a vintage veil. They are intricate, detailed, delicate and above all, a treasured family heirloom. When you wear your 'reinvented veil', you will know that family members (present or in spirit) are a big part of your big day. To set up a consultation with Penny, please ring the boutique at 860.669.4596.

xoxo, TWD

*Please keep in mind, that depending on the complexity of the design and the volume of alterations at the current time, this process may take anywhere from 1 to 4 months. **We also offer services to clean and restore veils through Orange Cleaning and Preservation. Prices are quoted individually and range depending on the services chosen and the level of difficulty. Please inquire for more details.