Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses : What We Are Loving

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses : What We Are Loving

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses : What We Are Loving. Mobile Image

Mar 04, 2019

Long sleeve wedding dresses have always been one of our favorites here at The White Dress by the shore. In the past, long sleeve dresses have been seen as conservative. While they can be a great option for someone who wants or needs more coverage, we have so many gowns that are modern and not as "covered up" as you may think! We love that a long sleeve can be paired with any skirt silhouette. Our talented in-house seamstresses can also add a sleeve almost any gown!  Customizations are our favorite! Take a look below at a few of the amazing wedding dresses we have with long sleeves.


Blythe by Jenny Yoo 

Hayley by Hayley Paige

Rhapsody by Willowby by Watters 


Robin by Anontio Gual 

Jules by Amy Kuschel


Antonia by Antonio Gual 

Lorelai by Hayley Paige 

Marsden by Hayley Paige 


Are you a last minute bride looking for a long sleeve wedding dress? Or,  perhaps shopping for a second wedding day look?

Check out these few gowns from our sample closet that are ready for immediate sale! Try them on in store or through our TWD at Home service. 

Brooks by Anne Barge 

Elysia by Hayley Paige

Jonquil by Anne Barge 


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xoxo, TWD