New Bridesmaids Shopping Experience!

New Bridesmaids Shopping Experience!

New Bridesmaids Shopping Experience!. Mobile Image

Oct 21, 2021

 New Bridesmaids Shopping Experience!


We have created a system in order to make your bridesmaid shopping experience as easy as possible! This portal allows brides to keep track of her bridesmaids and the status of their orders! Brides even have the ability to send reminders to their bridesmaids to complete steps! 


Here's how the new bridesmaids shopping experience works:


  1. Open the portal sent to you via email
  2. If you haven't shopped with us before, input all of your wedding details (If you have, you probably have already done this!)
  3. Add each bridesmaid to your portal with their First and Last Name, Role in your wedding (Maid of Honor, Bridesmaid etc.), their email, and their phone number.  This is an important step in order for your bridesmaids to all have access to your portal! 
  4. PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to include yourself or any other members not purchasing a bridesmaid gown with us
  5. If you have shopped with us before but didn't input your party's information when you initially registered your event, you can edit your event and add your bridesmaids by clicking "My Event" and "Request Update."
  6. From here, you will submit (or resubmit) your event registration to the store and wait for it to be approved and input into our database! This allows your bridal party's stylist to keep track of all of your bridesmaids and make sure measurements, payments, and orders are obtained from every member of the party!
  7. You are even able to see the status of all your bridesmaid's orders and who has completed which step!




  1. Once the bride's event registration for her wedding is approved, the bride or the stylist is able to send the bridesmaid reminders to complete steps in the ordering process!
  2. If the bridesmaid gets her own measurements done, she can input them into the portal per the bride or stylist's request. If the bridesmaid gets her measurements done at The White Dress, the stylist will input them for the bridesmaid. 
  3. If the bridesmaid visits our boutique, after consulting with the bride, she is able to pick out the style and color of the gown she would like to order. Size can be discussed based on measurements taken.
  4. If the bridesmaid lives out of state or cannot come in person to our boutique, a stylist will reach out to the bridesmaid to present options for dresses unless the bride has chosen a style. Based on the measurements provided, the stylist will recommend an appropriate size.
  5. Once this is completed, the stylist will request payment, and size agreement from each bridesmaid.
  6. If the bride requests all bridesmaids to wear the same color and style, the stylist will wait until every payment and size agreement is obtained before placing an order. This is to guarantee the dresses are cut from the same dye lot and look the same in color. 


If you have any additional questions regarding bridesmaids or the portal please give us a call at 860.669.4596




Photo by Gillian Claire Photography