November 29 5-8: Get pretty for our Maria Elena Trunk Show

November 29 5-8: Get pretty for our Maria Elena Trunk Show

November 29 5-8: Get pretty for our Maria Elena Trunk Show. Mobile Image

Nov 20, 2012

We are kicking off our Maria Elena Accessories Trunk  Show  that runs through December 1st with a beauty bang!  Thursday, November 29th from 5-8:30 we are collaborating with our neighbor and fellow in WHITE member, Jennie Fresa, for a night of beauty, bling and bubbly! After scheduling your Maria Elena Trunk Show appointment with us, schedule an appointment with Jennie's beauty team for a 20 minute complimentary make-over.  You will be treated to a mini-updo ( you will be able to choose from 5 styles that Jennie has hand-picked for the event) and a little love for your lips and lashes! Your beauty appointment will take place 45 minutes prior to your appointment with us.  That will give you plenty of time to get pretty and to check out Jennie's incredible beauty and gift products that will all be discounted by 10% for the event.  Then head over to us to select the perfect accessories for your big day. Space is limited for these exclusive beauty appointments, so be sure to schedule soon!  

                         Jennie Fresa's Boutiquerie

Appointment times are as follows: 4:15  Jennie Fresa appointment,  5:00  TWD appointment 5:15 Jennie Fresa appointment, 6:00 TWD appointment 6:15 Jennie Fresa appointment, 7:00 TWD appointment 6:45 Jennie Fresa appointment, 7:30 TWD appointment Just to recap, here are the steps to getting your pretty on: 1. Ring us at 860-669-4596 to schedule your Maria Elena Trunk Show appointment. You will not only get the chance to work with Maria Elena's stylist and head of sales, Giselle, but you will receive a 10% discount off of the first piece purchased and 15% off of each additional piece of equal or lesser value. 2.  Ring Jennie Fresa's Boutiquerie at 860-664-3923 to schedule your complimentary mini- makeover! 3.  Get ready for a fabulous night! We look forward to seeing you on the 29th!

xoxo, TWD