Now Introducing: Virtual Shopping Appointments

Now Introducing: Virtual Shopping Appointments

Now Introducing: Virtual Shopping Appointments. Mobile Image

Apr 10, 2020


We are so happy to be able to open our doors back open to our brides! But if you are not able to come in at this time you can shop for your bridal gown or bridal party dresses right in the comfort of your home, with our virtual shopping appointments!

Here is how our Virtual Bridal Appointment works: 

Step 1:  Schedule a "Get To Know You" Call

Request a Virtual Bridal Appointment here and we will then give you a ring to have a get to know you phone call.  This will help us find out what you are looking for in your wedding gown, the look and feel of your wedding and we will even ask you for your Pinterest board or fave saved images from Instagram.




Step 2: Schedule Your Virtual Appointment

After your phone call we will set up a zoom meeting, where you can invite up to 2 guests to join you!




Step 3: Your Stylist Will Select Gowns For You

During your Zoom call, your stylists who will take you through our boutique as if you were here with us and talk you through our bridal collections.  The stylist will then present a collection of gown that she has hand selected for you based on your conversation and the look and feel of your wedding.




Step 4: View Gowns on Mannequins

The stylist will then put 3-5  gowns on mannequins so that you can see the silhouettes and fabrications and how they drape.  That is also the perfect time for the stylist to discuss possible accessory options that will complete the look!



Step 5: Send You Gowns

At the end of your appointment, if you are a bride getting married in Fall/Winter 2020 or Spring 2021, you can choose up to three gowns that we will send right to your home to try on!



Step 6: Try Them On!

For your at home try on, we will provide  :

- instructions on how to try on the gowns at home

-clips to ensure the best fit

-a return address label

-a measuring tape so if you find the one you can watch our video on how to measure yourself (we are also happy to assist with this process)

-a YES sign so when you select your dream gown you can celebrate and send us your yes picture!

We can also set up a Skype, FaceTime or Zoom call with one of our stylists to help you through this process, right in the comfort of your home!


Step 7: Celebrate!




Watch this video  to see how we bring The White Dress by the shore experience to your home!




Pricing for this service is as follows: 

-A $150 security deposit per gown (limit 3) will be charged to your credit card.  Your credit card number will be encrypted and securely held in our point of sale system until the gowns are returned to us on a designated, pre-determined date.

-If a gown is purchased (YAY!), the entire security deposit will be credited back to you.  (shipping is not refunded)

-If a gown is not purchased, the entire security deposit will be credited back to you, less a non-refundable $150 service fee.


-Gowns will be shipped signature required and insured. The to and from shipping fee is $75 per box and is non-refundable.  Our goal will be to fit all 3 gowns in one box, but this will depend on the size of the gowns being shipped.

-If you live locally to the boutique, we can coordinate a touch-less pick up, in which case no shipping fee will apply. It is imperative that social distancing be followed when utilizing this option.

A $25/day late fee will be applied if the gowns are not returned by the designated, pre-determined date.  

A policy form will need to be signed prior to us sending gowns to you. Fees will apply if gowns are soiled or damaged while in your possession.

Your health and safety is important to us. We will never reuse a box when shipping and will disinfect and steam at a high temperature upon its arrival home to us.


Ready to try it out? You can request a virtual bridal appointment here!


Have any questions about this service?  Email, text or DM us! We cannot wait to work with you and help find you your gorgeous dream gown even in these unique circumstances with our virtual shopping appointments!


Text- 860.552.2054

DM- @thewhitedress


Feel behind in looking for your maids dresses? No worries! We offer our Virtual Bridesmaid Appointment service for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 brides, as well!


Step 1: Request Your Appointment

Request an appointment here, to set up your Virtual Bridesmaids Appointment.

Thursdays and Fridays are preferred days to make sure our Bridesmaids Coordinator is in the boutique ready to work with you. 

Thursday's we are open 12-8 

Friday's we are open 10-5


Step 2: Zoom With Your Stylist

We will then set up a Zoom call with the bride so that the stylists and the bride can discuss their dream bridesmaids party look.  The Stylist will ask you questions about your wedding aesthetic, then about the color palette you are looking for, your preference in fabric, patterns, and your overall look. This zoom call will allow your stylist to pull together a curated bridesmaids collection, made just for you. 


Step 3: Invite Your Bridesmaids In

We can then invite your bridesmaids to join our Zoom call to showcase what we have picked out on mannequins or even try them on ourselves.



Step 4: Secure Online Portal

Once your perfect bridal party dresses are selected we will provide you with our secure online portal where your bridesmaids can fill out their measurements and payments right online.  During our Zoom call, we can help bridesmaids measure themselves, as well.


Step 5: Ship

If necessary, we can look to ship the bridesmaid's dresses you have picked for your maids to them to try on.  Shipping and a $50 fee will be charged for the dresses to be sent out.  Upon purchase, that $50 fee will be credited back.


Step 6: Celebrate!

It's as easy as that!


We want to be here for you ever step of the way, and we realize how difficult it is to pick out the perfect bridal party and to get all your bridesmaid's together at once, so we have made Virtual Bridesmaid's Appointments available. This also allows you to search for you bridesmaid's dresses online with the help of a stylists throughout the whole process.

We cannot wait to dress you and your bridesmaids!


If you have any questions about our Virtual Bridal or Bridesmaid's Appointments feel free to reach out by phone or email.


Call- 860.669.4596

Text- 860.552.2054


xo, The TWD Lovelies


At Home Try on Images: Amma Rhea Photography