October 12-14: Headed to Fall 2014 NYC Bridal Market

October 12-14: Headed to Fall 2014 NYC Bridal Market. Mobile Image

Sep 10, 2013

headedtonycbridalmarket socialmediaicons   It's nearly that time of year again when we head off to NYC for Fall 2014 Bridal Market! Choosing the right gowns and accessories to carry in the boutique is an incredibly important task and your input means the world to us!  Check up on all of our social media accounts and let us know what you think of our finds from our fabulous designers- we will be posting pictures of all the latest trends and asking for your opinion!  You will be able to watch the current trends in bridal unfold right along with us!  Also be sure to stay tuned in after night fall as we attend Bridal Market parties put on by the likes of 'the knot' and the fabulous Martha Stewart Weddings team. Follow us: Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest  

xoxo, TWD