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Aug 14, 2014

picture-of-the-week-bel-mere-the-white-dress-in-color   This week's Picture of the Week is a little different. We loved both images so we decided to place them side by side and get your opinion. Which gorgeous portrait is your favorite- do the flowers, the hair or the gowns make the difference for you? The images are both part of our recently updated 'Musings of a Stylist' rotation- check out our homepage! For more from our latest rotation click HERE And to purchase the coffee table book of which these images are a part of, follow this link. CREDITS: PHOTOGRAPHY: Carla Ten Eyck Photography FASHION STYLING: Beth Chapman, The White Dress by the shore GOWNS: David Fielden and Coren Moore ACCESSORIES: Maria Elena  SHOOT CONCEPT & DESIGN : Candice Coppola, Jubilee Events FLORAL DESIGN + DECOR: Tony Palmieri, Green Dahlia  BEAUTY: Dana Bartone & Co.

xoxo, TWD