Pretty Post: Allison & Max's New England Summer Wedding

Pretty Post: Allison & Max's New England Summer Wedding. Mobile Image

Jul 15, 2013

carla-ten-eyck-modern-trousseau-new-england-wedding-1 carla-ten-eyck-modern-trousseau-new-england-wedding-2 carla-ten-eyck-modern-trousseau-new-england-wedding-3 carla-ten-eyck-modern-trousseau-new-england-wedding-4 carla-ten-eyck-modern-trousseau-new-england-wedding-5 carla-ten-eyck-modern-trousseau-new-england-wedding-6 carla-ten-eyck-modern-trousseau-new-england-wedding-7 carla-ten-eyck-modern-trousseau-new-england-wedding-8 carla-ten-eyck-modern-trousseau-new-england-wedding-9 carla-ten-eyck-modern-trousseau-new-england-wedding-10 carla-ten-eyck-modern-trousseau-new-england-wedding-11 carla-ten-eyck-modern-trousseau-new-england-wedding-12 carla-ten-eyck-modern-trousseau-new-england-wedding-13 carla-ten-eyck-modern-trousseau-new-england-wedding-14 carla-ten-eyck-modern-trousseau-new-england-wedding-15 carla-ten-eyck-modern-trousseau-new-england-wedding-16 carla-ten-eyck-modern-trousseau-new-england-wedding-17 carla-ten-eyck-modern-trousseau-new-england-wedding-18 carla-ten-eyck-modern-trousseau-new-england-wedding-19 carla-ten-eyck-modern-trousseau-new-england-wedding-20 carla-ten-eyck-modern-trousseau-new-england-wedding-22 carla-ten-eyck-modern-trousseau-new-england-wedding-21   Allison and Max were wed last year at the Wee Burn Beach Club in Darien, CT.  We are absolutely enamored with this classic, New England wedding.  Coming off of the heels of the 4th of July, we thought this was the perfect time to feature it as a Pretty Post.  From the uniquely preppy maids attire, to the decor and invitations, this event was nautical, elegant and simply picturesque- thanks in part to the perfect planning made possible by fellow inWhite member, Jubilee Event. The day (and night's) events were captured by another inWhite member, Carla Ten Eyck, and we could barely contain our excitement when she revealed the images to us. Months before her wedding the bride and her best girls took part in a luxurious White Carpet appointment at the boutique, where she custom designed her very own Modern Trousseau gown, that we're crazy about. And that veil with matching lace?...We were in love with this wedding before it even happened!  Click here to see the images from the special day when she selected her gown. Congratulations to this incredible couple- here's to a lifetime of happiness! Credits: Photographer: Carla Ten Eyck Gown & Veil: Modern Trousseau via The White Dress by the shore Event Planning: Jubilee Events Venue- Wee Burn Beach Club Flowers- Elegant Effects Beauty- Jennie Fresa Paper- Bella Figura, Gus & Ruby , Two Trick Pony and Coral Pheasant Cake-Palmers Bakery    

xoxo, TWD