Pretty Post: Ashley and Chris' Fairytale Branford House Wedding

Pretty Post: Ashley and Chris' Fairytale Branford House Wedding

Pretty Post: Ashley and Chris' Fairytale Branford House Wedding. Mobile Image

Sep 10, 2013

After looking, we know you won't blame us for posting enough pictures of this wedding to fill up a few photo albums- the images (taken by the unspeakably talented, Justin & Mary) are just that incredible and we could not bare to pare them down! Chris and Ashley's Branford House affair is nothing short of a fairytale in its own right- a grand location, flower crowns and golden details, make this one wedding we will always remember. Scroll below to follow this couple through their incredible day from getting ready, to first look, to ceremony and reception- nothing in this wedding falls short of amazing!   Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_103 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_104   Ashley isn't a bride to shy away from the 'Do It Yourself' mentality; hand made invitations were assembled by the bride and her Mom! Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_105  Vintage bracelets for the maids made an extra-special statement, which we think worked perfectly with their blush-hued Jenny Yoo gowns purchased at the boutique. Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_106 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_107 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_109 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_110 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_111 Ashley's gown is by Anne Barge and a true favorite of our stylists. The layers of lace and tulle and an exquisite fullness make this dress perfect for an elegant seaside wedding. Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_112 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_113 We love how Ashley accessorized with a cathedral veil, vintage jewels and a flower crown by Blush Floral Desig. Ashley colaborated with Blush to not only make her bouquets and centerpieces, but to also construct an element of her ensemble- such a soft and beautiful take on hair adornments. Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_114 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_115 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_116 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_117 A first look with a spectacular view! Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_118 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_119 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_120 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_121 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_123 Whimsical hanging flowers by Blush Floral Design adorn the ceremony site. Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_126 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_127 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_128 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_129 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_130 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_131 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_132 What a great shot of Chris watching his bride walk down the aisle! Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_134 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_135 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_136 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_137 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_139 Such a sweet image! Justin & Mary have an incredible eye for capturing little moments with huge feeling. Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_140 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_143 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_144 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_145 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_146 Jenny Yoo's romantic blush hue looks so wonderful on this gorgeous bridal party! Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_147 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_148 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_149 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_150 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_151 Gold, pink and ivory tie together in a spectacular fashion that continues the sensation that we may have just stepped into a fairytale. Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_152 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_153 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_154   Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_155 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_156 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_158 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_159 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_162 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_163 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_164 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_165 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_168 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_169 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_170 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_173 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_175 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_176 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_177 Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_180 See what we mean about Justin & Mary capturing those special moments? Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_182 Have you ever seen a more stunning reception dress? Lace and feathers! We love it, Ashley! Branford_House_Wedding_Ashley_183 Congratulations to Ashley & Chris- your wedding left us speechless and every detail was a dream. From the fashion, to the decor, to the setting. We can't get enough of this story-book worthy wedding!


Venue - The Branford House

Flowers - Blush Studio

Gown - Anne Barge | The White Dress by the Shore

Maids Dresses - Jenny Yoo | The White Dress by the shore

Jewelry - Vintage

Catering - Coastal Gourmet

Photography - Justin & Mary

xoxo, TWD