Pretty Post: Deana & Adam's Romantic Nuptials

Pretty Post: Deana & Adam's Romantic Nuptials. Mobile Image

Oct 16, 2014

It was such a pleasure working with Deana, her mother and her maids during the year leading up to her wedding. We have to admit - when the day of her final fitting arrived and she left with her gown, we were sad to see her go. Fortunately for us, we got to be with Deana on the day of the wedding, since we provided her with our day of wedding dressing service! It was an absolute honor to be part of her special day! Scroll below to view images from Deana and Adam's romantic wedding and read the story of the beautiful coupleâs nuptials below. 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And that is putting it lightly. There was no question that pale pinks and peonies would be included in my wedding day. I wanted the decorations to be simple, and the colors to be warm and inviting. Our wedding was at the beginning of the Spring season, so I wanted the space to be covered with lush greens and glowing pinks. I wanted our guests to feel as if they were tucked away in a verdant secret garden. One of my favorite pieces from our wedding was my grandmother's old antique birdcage. It was sitting in her basement, and when I was little I always admired it. When my wedding was coming together, I knew I needed to include it. As guests walked in, it was going to be the first thing that they saw. I wanted it to set the tone. I wanted it to look as if it belonged in a beautiful overgrown garden. We placed green moss and succulents all along the bottom of the cage. At the top we used moss as drapery. Guests were able to open the cage, and place their cards in it. Adam and I also made our table numbers together. This was one of my favorite memories of planning our wedding. In the last few months, we would wander about different arts and crafts stores looking for a little inspiration. We came across these wooden birdhouses and knew we found our perfect table numbers to go with our look. We sprayed them with chalkboard paint, and wrote the table numbers on the tiny birdhouses. We had so much fun during our 'crafts' time. The finishing touch to our wedding was our signature drinks. We even made a sign that showcased our two dogs, Murphy and Spike. They couldn't come to the wedding, (although I tried!!) so we needed to include them somehow. Our guests loved the idea, and our little loves got to be apart of our big day. When asked about our favorite part of our wedding day, Adam and I always say the same thing. We let our bridal party go to cocktail hour, but we stayed behind in the bridal suite. This was the best idea we ever had. Adam and I got to breathe, embrace, and just 'be' with each other on our wedding day. We were in a little bubble of love, with no interruptions. It's as if we got to push the 'pause' button on our night, and relish in the reality of being married!! I definitely recommend this. Planning your wedding can be stressful, but the most important thing to remember is at the end of the night you and your love will be together forever. That's all that really matters. Take into consideration your families' wishes, but in the end go with what feels right for you and your one and only. This is your night." Photography: Katie Slater Photography Videography: Inspiration in Motion Venue: Aqua Turf Club DJ: Mike Connolly Floral Design: Guilford White House Florist Cake: JCakes Gown: Modern Trousseau, The White Dress by the shore Bridesmaid Dresses: Amsale, The White Dress by the shore Dressing Service: The White Dress by the shore Handbag: Madame Mathilde, The White Dress by the shore Hair: Salon H Makeup: Andrea, Two Spa Girls

xoxo, TWD