Pretty Post: Laura & John's Nautical and Pinstripe Nuptials

Pretty Post: Laura & John's Nautical and Pinstripe Nuptials

Pretty Post: Laura & John's Nautical and Pinstripe Nuptials. Mobile Image

Jun 26, 2015

We adored dressing Laura and her bridesmaids, and are so thrilled to finally feature her wedding images {captured by Iris Photography}! From Laura and John's beautiful and intimate ceremony at her parents residence, to their elegant reception at the Madison Beach Club - every single detail fell perfectly into place. We love how Laura used the pinstripe element of her gown as an influence for other details in the wedding. We especially loved helping her create a custom organza over skirt that she wore for the ceremony and took off for the reception to reveal a gorgeous pinstriped and lace fitted gown.

0080_Laura_and_John 0060_Laura_and_John 0101_Laura_and_John 0110_Laura_and_John 0106_Laura_and_John 0002_Laura_and_John 0013_Laura_and_John 0217_Laura_and_John 0397_Laura_and_John 0021_Laura_and_John 0032_Laura_and_John 0145_Laura_and_John 0173_Laura_and_John 0186_Laura_and_John 0202_Laura_and_John 0213_Laura_and_John 0226_Laura_and_John 0412_Laura_and_John 0230_Laura_and_John 0235_Laura_and_John 0240_Laura_and_John 0248_Laura_and_John 0294_Laura_and_John 0279_Laura_and_John 0330_Laura_and_John 0345_Laura_and_John 0384_Laura_and_John 0365_Laura_and_John 0372_Laura_and_John 0367_Laura_and_John 0477_Laura_and_John 0484_Laura_and_John 0507_Laura_and_John 0522_Laura_and_John 0532_Laura_and_John 0531_Laura_and_John 0602_Laura_and_John 0558_Laura_and_John 0588_Laura_and_John 0628_Laura_and_John 0638_Laura_and_John 0603_Laura_and_John 0616_Laura_and_John 0617_Laura_and_John 0645_Laura_and_John 0650_Laura_and_John 0728_Laura_and_John 0745_Laura_and_John 0747_Laura_and_John 0773_Laura_and_John 0801_Laura_and_John 0823_Laura_and_John 1012_Laura_and_John 0978_Laura_and_John 0799_Laura_and_John 1026_Laura_and_John 1142_Laura_and_John 1056_Laura_and_John 0926_Laura_and_John

Photography - Iris Photography

Event Styling - Lovely Day Styling & Events

Venue - Madison Beach Club

Gown - Modern Trousseau