Pretty Post: Melissa & Russell's Lord Thompson Manor Wedding

Pretty Post: Melissa & Russell's Lord Thompson Manor Wedding

Pretty Post: Melissa & Russell's Lord Thompson Manor Wedding. Mobile Image

Apr 22, 2015

A little rain did not stop our beautiful bride Melissa and her groom Russell from enjoying their gorgeous wedding at Lord Thompson Manor. Our friends Robert and Kathleen captured this romantic wedding so beautifully!

When they were both undergrads together at Duke University, Melissa had thought she knew Russell. He was a frat guy, she thought, not serious. Then, two months before she graduated, Russell offered to walk her home from the bar where they had both happened to be. On that walk home, they talked. They talked about a number of things but when Russell told Melissa about his favorite violin concerto, he spoke about it so eloquently that Melissa felt as though she was finally seeing Russell for the very first time. In that moment, she saw the man he truly was; everything he could be. Most importantly, she knew that this was a man she wanted to get to know better.

When they became a couple, Melissa came to know that Russell was, in fact, very serious - especially when in came to a future with her. On their wedding day, their Rabbi shared the gorgeous words that Russell wrote to Melissa, explaining how he felt about her and the life he pictured that they would share. Russell wrote that his deepest dreams are of growing old with Melissa. That when he looks into the mirror decades into the future and sees a wrinkled face, he will see those lines as a result of good work, of a life well lived, like the hands of a skilled carpenter. As the Rabbi read the words, Melissa and Russell held hands and stared into each other's eyes. It's safe to say that everyone else in the room, reached for their own tissues at that moment" -Robert & Kathleen Photographers

Check out these gorgeous and incredibly romantic images from Melissa and Russell's wedding at Lord Thompson Manor, captured by Robert & Kathleen.

Lord_Thompson_Manor_Wedding_MR_01 Lord_Thompson_Manor_Wedding_MR_02 Lord_Thompson_Manor_Wedding_MR_03 Lord_Thompson_Manor_Wedding_MR_04 Lord_Thompson_Manor_Wedding_MR_05 Lord_Thompson_Manor_Wedding_MR_06 Lord_Thompson_Manor_Wedding_MR_07 Lord_Thompson_Manor_Wedding_MR_08 Lord_Thompson_Manor_Wedding_MR_09 Lord_Thompson_Manor_Wedding_MR_10 Lord_Thompson_Manor_Wedding_MR_11 Lord_Thompson_Manor_Wedding_MR_12 Lord_Thompson_Manor_Wedding_MR_13 Lord_Thompson_Manor_Wedding_MR_14 Lord_Thompson_Manor_Wedding_MR_15 Lord_Thompson_Manor_Wedding_MR_16 Lord_Thompson_Manor_Wedding_MR_17 Lord_Thompson_Manor_Wedding_MR_18 Lord_Thompson_Manor_Wedding_MR_19 Lord_Thompson_Manor_Wedding_MR_20 Lord_Thompson_Manor_Wedding_MR_21 Lord_Thompson_Manor_Wedding_MR_22 Lord_Thompson_Manor_Wedding_MR_23 Lord_Thompson_Manor_Wedding_MR_24 Lord_Thompson_Manor_Wedding_MR_25 Lord_Thompson_Manor_Wedding_MR_26 Lord_Thompson_Manor_Wedding_MR_27 Lord_Thompson_Manor_Wedding_MR_28

Photography - Robert & Kathleen Photographers

Venue & floral design - Lord Thompson Manor

Bridal Gown - Augusta Jones

Bridesmaids dresses - Jenny Yoo

Veil - Family Heirloom redesigned by our in-house seamstress

Shoes - Badgley Mischka

Bridal Salon - The White Dress by the Shore

DJ and Lighting - Correlation Productions

xoxo, TWD