Ready for Bridal Market

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Oct 10, 2012

As a bridal store owner, there are quite a few preparations that take place to get ready for twice yearly bridal market in New York.  Here is my checklist:     Jennie was in the boutique last week when I was having a fitting for my adorable Kate Spade dress that I will be wearing to the annual bridal market parties of Martha Stewart and The Knot on Monday night.  She was so inspired by my dress that she created a Beauty Profile for me incorporating her new Stila make up products to ensure that my makeup is picture perfect!!! Jennie offers her Beauty Profile service for brides and anyone preparing for a special occasion!  She maps out the exact steps in applying your make up and selects the perfect products to complete the look!  To learn more about this service or to experience the new Stila products that she has just brought into the boutiquerie, be sure to swing by her Stila Launch Party tonight from 5-8. And donât forget to follow us this weekend at bridal market as we experience new trends and rub elbows with the brightest talents in the industry at the Martha and Knot parties!!

Xoxo,  TWD